Hillary Clinton Is Mentally Ill? Alleged Medical Records Reveal Her Battle With Dementia

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton just couldn't catch a break.

Even if the criticisms surrounding the e-mail scandal hasn't yet died down, the former state secretary is again embroiled in another controversy. Now, reports of "bizarre" behavior and leaked mental health records cast doubt on her capability to lead the country.

A report from Morning News USA pointed to a deleted tweet from @HillsMedRecords which published on Aug. 8, the alleged medical records of Hillary Clinton. Apparently, these were prepared by a Dr. Lisa Bardack back in February and March 2014.

What the medical records suggested were far more devastating compared to the e-mail scandal that continues to hound Hillary Clinton in the middle of her push towards the White House.

If the documents are to be believed, Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with early-onset dementia three years ago, and the condition is apparently "getting worse." Probably concerning her poor health, the former first lady allegedly suffered seizures in 2013 and 2014.

Of course, Donald Trump could not let the issue slide without a comment.

However, a piece from Lisa Lerer for the Chicago Tribune dismissed the accusation about Hillary Clinton suffering from seizures. Lerer is a reporter for the Associated Press who covered the presidential candidate extensively during the campaign period.

She wrote the opinion piece after her name was dragged in the reports when the incident was supposed to have happened in June this year.

The reporter conceded that the rumors about Hillary Clinton's poor health probably began after she was hospitalized back in December 2012 after suffering a concussion. Doctors found a blood clot "in a vein in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear."

Leser also quoted Dr. Lisa Bardack (the same doctor in the leaked medical records) as proclaiming Hillary Clinton "fit to serve as president of the United States" in 2015. Bardack is the chairperson of the Mouth Kisco Medical Group's Department of Medicine in NYC.

As proof of Hillary Clinton's alleged bizarre behavior, Donald Trump supporters have pointed to her speech a few days ago where she reportedly lied through her teeth with regards to the e-mail scandal and invented a new term in the process.

Andrew P. Napolitano of the Washington Times wrote that Hillary Clinton must have realized the gravity of using an unsecured server in passing on official state secrets and is now covering her tracks. He illustrated how the former state secretary's lazy approach towards guarding official correspondence might have cost an Iranian scientist his life.

Apparently, the scientist has been passing on nuclear secrets to the U.S., but was later discovered and tried for treason. This happened during Hillary Clinton's watch when her aides have been describing the scientist as "our friend."

"Mrs. Clinton put these state secrets at risk by having them sent to her via her non-secure home servers. This 'our friend' email was a top-secret email, which Mrs. Clinton failed to keep secure," he wrote.

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