WWE News: WWE NXT Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura Being Called Up Sooner Than Expected?

WWE NXT Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura may be new to the WWE, but he is by no means some rookie getting his first opportunity in pro-wrestling. Nakamura was well known in Japan as one of the top stars of the area for over a decade. His legend grew and helped him become a very popular name around the world. A number of years ago, he was able to connect more to fans when he managed to develop a gimmick that may seem weird to some but iconic to the rest of the world.

The King of Strong Style was able to make his name by having memorable matches with the top stars of the area, he even fought Brock Lesnar once and has claimed that he would love to fight him again. Nakamura has had match of the year candidates all year long and could do it yet again with Samoa Joe a week from today at WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 2.

The thought is that he will beat Joe for the NXT Championship, which would allow for the Samoan Submission Machine to be called up to the main roster shortly after.

Nakamura Zayn
[Image via WWE]While that is the plan, Joe leaving may not be the end of the NXT departures until WrestleMania time. According to Cageside Seats, Shinsuke Nakamura may follow him. It is being reported that Nakamura will be called up sooner rather than later. While unknown at this time which brand he will go to, the theory is WWE SmackDown Live due to the other major names on WWE RAW. This could mean Samoa Joe goes to RAW over SmackDown Live like most assumed.

Nakamura is more than ready to be on the main roster, but he was put on NXT early on to help with the brand due to so many top stars leaving. People have assumed that anyone on NXT is "developmental" but this is by no means accurate. While initially it was based around developing talent and still can use some newer people, it is now considered a brand for WWE that many claim is equal to RAW and SmackDown Live.

This is why WWE kept Samoa Joe down there for so long as well as the likes of Sami Zayn and Finn Balor, even Bayley. If it was only based on developing talent, all of the ones mentioned would have been called up well before now. In fact, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wanted Balor to be called up last year but Triple H had to talk him out of it because he wanted to keep NXT on the same momentum course it had been on.

Nakamura ROH
[Image via ROH Wrestling]Shinsuke Nakamura was signed to help continue this for the yellow brand, but it was always claimed that he would not be with NXT for too long. With the signing of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries, Nakamura leaving doesn't hurt as much. Ring of Honor great Roderick Strong is also rumored to be with WWE by September, which allows for names to leave even more than before.

While naturally assumed that Nakamura would be needed for a while longer, the top names coming in surely helps the NXT brand stay hot even with the loss of someone like Nakamura.

The plan still is for him to win the NXT Championship from Samoa Joe, but don't be surprised if he drops it sooner than most assume. Hideo Itami may be the next guy up to challenge him and two top Japanese workers could put on an amazing match leading to Nakamura's first loss and Itami's first taste of gold in the WWE. This would allow Shinsuke Nakamura to be called up possibly before WrestleMania time or right around it.

[Image via WWE]