Johnny Depp Reaches His Limit With Amber Heard [Video]

For a while, it seemed the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce saga was the only game in town, with tabloids and news outlets focusing on the couple's marital troubles to the practical exclusion of anything else. Things quieted down when Johnny made a motion to force a gag order on Amber to prevent her from leaking any further sensitive details to the press, but Heard's failure to show up on time for proceedings or to be deposed have put a halt to most motions in the ensuing divorce. Meanwhile, a video of Depp allegedly blowing up at Heard has surfaced, fueling sympathy for Heard by some, while others contend the video was altered.

Was Johnny Manipulated Into A Deliberate Conflict With Amber?

Leave it to TMZ to deliver on the goods in Amber Heard's divorce case against Johnny Depp, but this time the video proof of supposed domestic violence seems fabricated and Amber seems anything but fearful of Depp. In the video, Johnny is clearly upset about something, though his anger doesn't seem directed at Heard at all, until she begins needling him about his mood.

To make matters more suspicious, Amber has a video recorder all set up in advance and positioned where Depp most likely wouldn't see it. Johnny obviously isn't aware that he's being recorded, which makes the recording inadmissible in court, but exposing the video to the public would create greater sympathy for Heard in public opinion polls. Regardless, Depp does seem to find the machine by the end of the clip, knocking it onto the floor.

Sources close to Depp have told TMZ that the video is heavily edited to make it seem as though Johnny is out of control in this scenario, contending that portions of the unedited video show Ms. Heard smiling and egging him on. In any case, her tone hardly seems to support her claims that Johnny's bad temper and abuse have left her living in fear throughout their marriage.

Amber Heard Doesn't Seem Interested In Carrying Through With Divorce

While it was once labeled the divorce of the year, the proceedings initiated by Amber Heard, with allegations that Johnny Depp had been abusive toward her throughout their marriage, may be sputtering to a stop. E! News points out that both Heard and Depp have missed court appointments, delayed proceedings, and have been otherwise unavailable due to shooting schedules. While this might be understandable for Depp, who is only responding to Heard's assertions, it would seem Amber would be a little more forthcoming, eager to see this case through to its conclusion.

Yet, Amber Heard's most recent deposition appointments were delayed and seemingly wasted with Heard showing up for her deposition in the latest instance, but never actually following through. In speaking to E! News, Mitch Karpf of Miami's Young Berman Karpf & Gonzalez law firm, states that such delays aren't at all uncommon in divorce proceedings, especially at times when the couples and the lawyers involved are trying to reach an out of court settlement.

"Once we're all together we're in a position where perhaps we can talk about some of the issues and maybe settle the case. Often times when you reschedule the deposition, you're making progress behind the scenes."
Karpf suggests that Amber is trying to keep the talks unofficial so she can reach her desired settlement, while Johnny's legal team is continuously rescheduling court appointments to keep Heard on track, or, at the very least, keep her pressured to move forward with the talks.

"A deposition is set with the hope that it gets the other person to the table to discuss a settlement," Brian adds. "It's not uncommon before the deposition starts to turn it into a settlement conference."

If a settlement is reached between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it's likely that the public may never hear about it with wild media fanfare, as might be the case with a big divorce trial. Instead, the news will come with a whisper revealing that the Depp and Heard union has been dissolved.

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