Michael Bay Discusses ‘Transformers 4’

Contrary to the amount of money that his blockbuster movies generate, Michael Bay has never been the most popular man in Hollywood.

The likes of Bad Boys 2, Transformers, and The Island have been criticised by film critics over the world and that trend was always likely to continue once it was announced that Bay would direct Transformers 4 too.

But don’t fret; that’s just the way we like it. Bay’s films are pure unadulterated fun at their best, and, even though Transformers 2 and 3 were for the most part a pair of cinematic abominations, you know you’ll still be queueing up to see the fourth installment.

And now Bay has been talking about his decision to helm the project and what he has in store for us:

“I thought I was done. Then the ride came out [at Universal Studios Hollywood] and the two-and-a-half-hour lines. And then you’re thinking, Oh my God, someone’s going to take this over. And you start doing a lot of soul-searching. The studio says they want to restart the franchise, And someone could come in here and screw it up, you know?”

Firstly, there are many people who believe that Bay has already screwed up the franchise, and secondly has there even been a stupider reason for deciding to direct a movie than the length of a queue for a roller-coaster?

Bay has also decided that they are going to change a lot of things with the franchise but that it’ll still carry on from where Transformers 3 left off. Who’s excited for it’s return then?