In Tigers Woods News, Something Is Fishy At Woods Jupiter, Tiger's Restaurant

Well, it seems like in Tiger Woods news, this summer has been a bit stressful, as Tiger Woods had on his restaurateur hat more than his pro golf hat, and the state inspectors have had to come calling twice in two months. And Woods Jupiter's problems seem to be all about the fish, which is a popular dish in Jupiter, Florida. But Woods Jupiter still seems to be popular, for those looking to get a peek at their golf idol, as well as combine fine dining with a Florida-casual atmosphere.

Tiger Woods' restaurant, Woods Jupiter, has just passed the critical one-year anniversary this week, and unlike many celebrity- or athlete-owned restaurants, the food seems to be the thing that stands out. Since Tiger Woods' golf life is slow owing to his recent surgery and his lack of a spot in the Rio Olympics, Tiger Woods can be seen often at Woods Jupiter for lunch or dinner. Ironically, it is the fish and the desserts that most reviewers praise when speaking of Tiger Woods' Jupiter hot spot.

But all restaurants need to work some kinks out, and Tiger Woods' Woods Jupiter is no exception. For the second time this summer, inspectors have had to check on violations at the golf star's restaurant. First, in early June, inspectors at Woods Jupiter cited the golfer for storing of uncooked seafood like scallops at temperatures more than 20 degrees higher than the state-mandated 41 degrees.

Woods Jupiter is just one of the business ventures that Tiger Woods has in place for after his golf career is over, and he seems dedicated to make it a success

Most recently, the Florida state inspectors were required to return to Woods Jupiter for a "high priority violation," once again involving fish. The file reads that fish served raw or almost raw at Woods Jupiter was not fit for human consumption.

"Hog snapper served in a ceviche dish and salmon served undercooked by request from a patron had not undergone parasite destruction."

At that time, the Florida state health inspector ordered the destruction of all of the leftover fish. The last part of the violation involved the kitchen staff not washing their hands.

The main issue, according to the health inspectors, with Woods Jupiter, Tiger Woods' Florida fancy sports bar, which is still a popular area restaurant, involves the keeping and refrigeration of fish and shellfish. It seems that raw scallops were being stored at 62 degrees, and lobster tails were kept at 63 degrees, which are not nearly cool enough to keep shellfish safe. At those temperatures, Woods Jupiter would be a breeding ground for bacteria and cross contamination for golfer Woods' restaurant, which would then be a hotspot for food poisoning rather than for a great meal.

Another issue was the temperature of the raw chicken, which was kept at 53 degrees, as well as other raw meat that was being stored too close to ready-to-eat food. The staff at Woods Jupiter needed a reminder about hand washing after glove changes that involved working with raw meat and seafood.

But as far as Florida state health inspectors are concerned, the total of three high-priority violations, meaning that each could make diners sick; three intermediate violations; and one basic violation are still a passing grade and acceptable, especially for a new restaurant like Tiger Woods' Woods Jupiter. No representatives from the Woods organization were interested in commenting on the inspections.

Would you still like to give Tiger Woods' restaurant a try?


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