UFO Fleet Filmed Over Pennsylvania: Five Objects Looked Like A Low-Flying 'Constellation' [Video]

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) fleet was spotted by a Pennsylvania man who was simply headed out to his vehicle and happened to look up, according to a report. He quickly began filming the bright objects with the camera on his phone as they crossed the night sky, audibly wondering aloud about what they might be.

The witness reported the UFO sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which posted the video and the witness' account to their website on August 11. It is apparent, via the witness' narration, that he is awestruck, repeating "Holy s***!" a few times as well as excitedly describing what he's seeing in what can only be described as a wonderstruck stoner/surfer-type voice.

The UFO sighting took place on July 31, according to the witness, outside his home in the small city of Bristol in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In his own testimonial, filed as MUFON case 78125, he claimed that it was a low-flying airplane that first attracted his attention to something going on in the sky.

"I looked north and noticed five objects — I don't want to say hovering, but flying straight; not maneuvering but also moving away from each other. They were going at a slow pace underneath the clouds. Planes were flying around them and across from them. There were a lot of planes in the sky at that time — it seemed abnormal to me. Other than that, they were going real slow, but they didn't look like airplanes."

He went on to say that he saw the objects due to "how bright they were and how close they were" when he spotted them, describing the five objects as looking like "several stars (a constellation in the sky but it wasn't that high) when I first noticed it."

Incoming UFO fleet concept
[Image via Shutterstock]But the witness also claims to have felt a compulsion to look in the direction of the UFO fleet.

"I felt like I always feel, when I felt a feeling like 'LOOK HERE' instead of looking the direction I normally look because whatever there was there. Like a feeling of 'LOOK BEFORE IT"S TOO LATE.' It's weird, I don't know."

The witness tracked the bright objects for approximately five minutes before they seemingly "disappeared" behind some cloud cover.

In the video (also posted to YouTube), which is a little over three minutes long, the witness can be heard letting the viewer know that what they are seeing is not regular aircraft. "That's not airplanes, dude," he says.

It is just prior to the one-minute mark before what the witness sees is actually bright enough for the viewer to make out. In the meantime, the sound of footsteps can be heard (as the witness moves toward the UFOs) along with might be the rumbling of an idling car. The witness then whispers, "What the f*** are they?"

After saying "Holy s***!" a couple times, he runs toward the UFOs once again, losing sight of them, then reframing them with his phone. He notes a plane is among the lights, but: "Those things are not planes." He then adds, "Those things are f***ing moving, bro."

The witness apparently loses sight of the UFOs for a moment because he says they are gone. However, a few seconds later, he sees two of the objects. He admits that he cannot see the objects himself but needs the aid of the camera. He then watches the last two UFOs until they are indeed gone.

UFO sighting with multiple witnesses
[Image via Shutterstock]It is unclear what the Pennsylvania witness observed, and the UFO sighting is currently under investigation by MUFON, which is described as the largest UFO reporting organization in the world.

The Pennsylvania UFO video is the second to surface in the past few days wherein the footage captured is that of multiple objects in flight. According to an Inquisitr report, multiple witnesses claimed to have seen a UFO fleet moving through the skies over several Florida cities. One of the UFOs was described as being 200-300 feet across and shaped like a boomerang.

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