Charlize Theron Rumors With Eric Stonestreet Making Halle Berry Jealous, Actor Quips

Charlize Theron may very well be one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes after her split with long-time partner Stuart Townsend, but Eric Stonestreet seems to find rumors that he’s dating the Snow White And The Huntsman star amusing.

Charlize Theron was linked with the stocky Modern Family actor in the British tabloid press where the ever-present “it’s early days but” caveat was tacked on to the story the pair were dating. The Daily Mail reported:

“Eric is down to earth and funny and Charlize thinks the world of him. It’s early days but they’re very fond of each other.”

Single mom Charlize Theron hasn’t chatted much to press about relationships lately, instead focusing on her son. In a recent interview, she spoke of flying around the world with him and what she’s been up to in recent months:

“I now know how to change a Japanese diaper, a Spanish diaper, an English diaper, a German diaper. I’m like the diaper pro now … The one thing I’m grateful beyond anything else is that she [Charlize’s mother Gerda] raised me to always encourage me to be my own person… and that teaches great independence.”

So, is Charlize Theron dating Eric Stonestreet? Stonestreet didn’t exactly say no, but he did take to Twitter to joke about the rumor:

“I wish people would stop spreading rumors that Charlize Theron and I are dating. Its starting to make Halle Berry jealous.”

Stonestreet has been otherwise mum about his love life, and Charlize says that, since adopting her boy, she has taken her first break from relationships since the age of 19.