Dorinda Medley Slams Michael Wainstein’s Behavior: ‘So Dismissive, So Condescending’

Dorinda Medley wanted Jules Wainstein to join The Real Housewives of New York this season, because she thought she would be a great addition to the show. The two women knew each other from before Jules joined the show and Dorinda has seen Wainstein's children grow up. Since they are good friends, Medley was shocked to learn that her friend's marriage was crumbling while she was filming the show. Dorinda even had them out for dinner, where she started seeing some red flags, as Michael was always on his phone - even when they were out with other people. It was clearly something she wasn't pleased with and Jules kept asking herself, "who is he talking to?"

According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now giving her thoughts on the red flags that have been popping up on The Real Housewives of New York in regards to Wainstein's marriage. Even though Dorinda has known Michael Wainstein for a long time and they have gone out for dinner together as couples, Dorinda is now sharing her feelings about Jules' estranged husband and she doesn't have nice words to say about her former friend.

"When it comes to her marriage, we've now seen what she's been dealing with for a while. An absent husband is one thing, an absent father is something even larger. A wife never wants to believe that there is any monkey business going on. It's hard enough to try and manage two small children, a growing work life AND be a wife. It's a lot of work, and it's a team effort that requires two willing and able participants," Dorinda Medley explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of New York, according to Bravo, adding that there have been red flags for a while but no one - not even Wainstein - expected that her husband would have an affair.The affair came to light in June. Reports revealed that she had learned about the affair back in May when the show wasn't filming anymore. Dorinda Medley didn't say anything at the time, but one can imagine she rushed to her friend's side to be there for her. About a month later in mid-July, reports surfaced that they would be getting a divorce. She clearly couldn't forgive her husband for his betrayal."It's now clear that Jules didn't enjoy that in her marriage, and that's sad. They've been together for 10 years, and there are times when you can very easily disagree with one another, but that doesn't give someone the justification to find a side fling," Dorinda Medley points out, hinting that Michael could easily spend time with his mistress since the couple had a nanny.

On the show, Jules has wondered where her husband is spending all of his time and on last week's episode when she called home to her children, she learned that they were crying out for their father, because he wasn't home. When she called him to get answers, he was very mean to her.

"Watching her make those two phone calls with her children and her now-estranged husband was heartbreaking. So dismissive, so condescending, like she was out of her mind for even asking where are you, what are you doing, why, for how long? It's an awful position to be in — just awful," Medley points out, slamming her former friend for his behavior.

Things have taken a turn in Jules' relationship with her husband. According to E! Online, she did file a temporary restraining order against him after a fight in the couple's New York apartment. Something happened between them that required her to get protection.

What do you think about Dorinda Medley speaking out about her co-star's marital issues? Do you think she's right in slamming Michael Wainstein for having an affair?

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