Jenelle Evans Says People Are Requesting A Book From Her: Do People Really Want A Book?

Jenelle Evans has been very busy this summer with her boyfriend, David Eason, as they have spent the weekends on the water, hanging out with their children, and even been to a few movies. But it sounds like Jenelle is ready to get back to work, as she recently switched her management team.

Just a few weeks ago, Evans accused her manager of stealing money from her, and they publicly parted ways. Now, Evans has partnered up with someone new, and she's excited about all of the things to come. And in a recent tweet, Jenelle revealed that she's going to give her fans something they have been asked for.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's writing a book. Now, she would not be the first Teen Mom star to write a book, as many of the other Teen Mom stars have written books already. But depending on what she writes about, her story could end up being one of the most juiciest of them all. Why? Because of her lengthy list of mugshots.

"Finally able to get working on this book that you guys are requesting so badly! #TeenMom2," Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter not too long ago, which prompted several responses.

Interestingly enough, not too many people were excited about this book. She didn't have hundreds of people who reached out to share their excitement about her book. All of the people who she said had requested this book were nowhere to be found on her Twitter account. Instead, she got plenty of responses that asked her about these requests.

"You mean the one that you've been working on for 5yrs & that you claimed you met w/ a publisher for in Miami when you were really there on vacation and to see a plastic surgeon about your chin? That book?" one person wrote, while another added, "Requesting so badly?! I hope to God there's a ghost writer involved bcuz she can't put a sentence together."

The reason why people aren't excited about Jenelle Evans' book could be due to the fact that she is so open and honest about her feelings on social media. When she was previously married, she would tweet just about anything when she was mad at her husband, Courtland Rogers. She never took a chance to work things out in private. Instead, she would call him out for doing drugs, lying, and flirting with other women. Nothing was ever secret, and when she was arrested, the Teen Mom fans were the first to find out.

When Jenelle was in treatment for her heroin addiction, some sources told tabloids that she was in the hospital for food poisoning. Clearly, this was a lie, but it was a way for her to cover up the truth while she was dealing with the addiction. It also gave her a chance to figure out what she needed to do to get her story straight, as a heroin addiction didn't exactly work with her plans of getting custody of her son, Jace, back from her mother.

These days, Evans isn't as active on social media when it comes to the social bashing. Instead, she's learning to keep her thoughts to herself when it comes to her relationship. Maybe this is because she hasn't had any major issues with David. According to Radar Online, things may be going well with these two, as Jenelle is rumored to be pregnant with baby number three. She has yet to confirm, but this would make it three babies with three different men.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans writing a book? What do you think she would include in her book to make it interesting?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]