Jimmy Kimmel Gets A Makeover In Emmys Skit [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel opened the Emmys with a star-studded skit about his pre-show preparations.

Kimmel had promised something big for audiences, saying earlier this week that he would be playing a memorable prank. Though its unclear if he meant the

The skit showed how Kimmel, host of the Emmy Awards, got out his jitters backstage thanks to some famous leading ladies, Yahoo! TV’s Emmys Blog noted.

As the sketch opened, nominees Zooey Deschanel and Christina Hendricks were getting ready for the show and comparing their pouty faces, but were interrupted by sobbing in a nearby bathroom stall. Joined by Mindy Kaling, Martha Plimpton, and Connie Britton, they checked one stall but only found Girls star Lena Dunham naked and eating a birthday cake.

They moved on to the next stall, with Kathy Bates breaking it down to find Jimmy Kimmel sobbing and huddles on the floor. He told them he can’t show his face on television, revealing a botched botox job.

The women decide to help out Jimmy Kimmel — by bashing his face back into place. But just as he’s about to go on, he realizes he doesn’t have pants. Luckily Ellen DeGeneres stepped in and gave her pants to him.

The skit earned mixed reviews. Nina Metz wrote for the Chicago Tribune that the “eye-rolling” show was kicked off with an “awkward video portraying a nervous pre-show Kimmel getting punched in the face by some of TV’s most recognizable women — and a naked Lena Dunham.”

There were some bright points, Metz wrote:

At the very least, the show did not dawdle and things perked up briefly early on with an sharp-witted spoof of “Breaking Bad” that reimagined the drama about down-and-dirty meth cooks as a sun-dappled version of “The Andy Griffith Show,” complete with whistled opening credits and a guest appearance by Don Knotts.

Here is Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmys skit. Judge for yourself: