Mom Outraged After 6-Year-Old Handcuffed For Allegedly Taking Candy Off Teacher's Desk -- Excessive?

One Chicago mother is seeking justice for her 6-year-old daughter following a daunting school experience where she ended up in handcuffs. According to The Root, Marlena Wordlow has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Public School system on Thursday, on behalf of her daughter, Madisyn Moore.

The incident reportedly took place at Fernwood Elementary back in March. Madisyn allegedly took candy off a teacher's desk. Her mother believes the incident took a turn for the worse when her daughter came in contact with a security officer at the school. She argues that the brand of punishment was excessive.

During a recent interview with Daily Mail, Wordlow recounted the series of events that transpired on that day revealing her daughter was handcuffed under a staircase. "He was pulling Madisyn from under the stairs with her hands behind her back. I don't know how long she was under there, but she was sweating. She still had on a jacket. It was warm outside, so I'm trying to figure out why she still had her jacket on," Wordlow said.

Wordlow also shared the officer's brutal response in defense of his actions. He said, "I'm teaching her a [f–king] lesson. She took a piece of candy and I handcuffed her under the stairs." Madisyn was reportedly left alone and handcuffed for more than an hour. But, despite what her daughter may or may not have done, Wordlow argues that the officer's use of force was excessive.

"You can't treat children like that," Wordlow said. She was under the stairs, handcuffed, in the school, by the boilers," she said.

Jeffrey Granich, Wordlow's attorney, released a brief statement with a number of concerns about the officer involved and the faculty members who allowed Madisyn to remain handcuffed. "I can't imagine where anybody working in a school would ever conceive that this is an appropriate way to behave, an appropriate way to discipline a child," Granich said.

Granich is also wondering why the officer hasn't been charged. Although CPS has fired the officer and placed a "Do Not Hire" status on his personal file, Granich and Wordlow still feel the termination is not enough since the police department opted not to file charges against the officer.

"I would like to know why he hasn't been prosecuted. This is a battery. This is false imprisonment," Granich told WLS News. "The Chicago Public Schools system has a responsibility to make sure nothing like this happens again," Granich said.

According to ABC 7, Wordlow has revealed how the daunting incident has impacted Madisyn's life. The child is reportedly suffering from emotional distress and fear of the dark following the altercation with the police officer. Madisyn is also afraid of anyone in a law enforcement uniform, according to her mother.

With so many reports of police brutality and excessive force used to corroborate the tension associated with race relations, any form of law enforcement activity raises eyebrows for many Americans. Across the nation, thousands of people find it extremely awkward to be in close proximity with law enforcement officers.

Madisyn has since been removed from Fernwood Elementary, but the Chicago Public School system did not assist Wordlow with enrolling her daughter elsewhere. This is yet another incident that has sparked a heated debate as many people have mixed opinions about the incident. While some believe the girl deserved to be punished for her alleged actions, others believe the officer's actions were extreme considering her age.

At this point, charges still have not been filed against the officer. Her mother is hoping a judge will rule in their favor but she has also explained the significance of the lawsuit itself. "It's not about the lawsuit, it's about letting people know you can't treat children like that. She's only six," Wordlow said.

Do you think the security officer's punishment was justifiable or extreme? Share your thoughts.

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