Kickstarter To Place Limits On Gadget Campaigns, Proclaims ‘We’re Not A Store’

Kickstart Gadget Limits

Kickstarter on Sunday announced that it will now begin placing limits on gadget projects, ensuring that companies using the service do not over promise what they are offering to Kickstarter backing participants.

On its blog the company announced plans to forbid “product renderings” and “simulations” which over lead to “over-promising” in regards to a products final product. Instead companies will now be required to showcase photos of products in their current stage of development.

According to the blog post:

“It’s hard to know how many people feel like they’re shopping at a store when they’re backing projects on Kickstarter, but we want to make sure that it’s no one. Today we’re introducing a number of changes to reinforce that Kickstarter isn’t a store – it’s a new way for creators and audiences to work together to make things.”

Kickstarter has also chose to add a new section called “Risks and Challenges,” which asks creators to answer the following questions about their project:

“What are the risks and challenges this project faces, and what qualifies you to overcome them?”

According to Kickstarter:

“Before backing a project, people can judge both the creator’s ability to complete their project as promised and whether they feel the creator is being open and honest about the risks and challenges they face.”

Gadget creators can also no longer offer large quantities of their products, instead relying on offers that “only make sense as a pair or as a kit of several items.”

Kickstarter says it is against the mass sale or products because:

“The development of new products can be especially complex for creators and offering multiple quantities feels premature, and can imply that products are shrink-wrapped and ready to ship.”