Beyonce Sorry Wardrobe Malfunction, 'Lemonade' Singer Has Near Nip Slip In Italy

That was close! Beyonce wore a nude dress while she was on holiday in Italy, and it looked great. The "Sandcastles" singer probably didn't mean for the nudity to be real though.

Bey's "very low-cut nude dress" just about let her down in a big way on August 11 as she "was stepping off a boat in Nerano" where she's catching some vacation time with Jay Z and Blue Ivy. Beyonce, 34, chose a "plunging dress" to wear under the hot Italian sun, and Hollywood Life writes that the dress left her cleavage "all over the place" when she maneuvered the space between the luxury yacht and firm land.

We have to admit it's true that Beyonce has "an incredible sense of style" and "unparalleled stage presence." Both those Bey characteristics were on show along with that famous Beyonce cleavage that nearly got away. The Daily Mail wrote that Beyonce's sorry nip slip situation happened as Bey was being helped off the boat by a crew member before making her way to the Conca del Sogno restaurant for a relaxed meal with her family.

Because the "Sorry" singer didn't seem to have included a bra in her outfit when she dressed that day, there was a lot of her on show and an actual nip slip would have created "a pretty gnarly wardrobe malfunction!"

Bey's look was "stunning" with a thigh-high slit that put her toned legs on show for anyone who wanted a glimpse, the "extremely" low neckline, "several keyhole cutouts," and three buttons pointing the way up the form-fitting fabric to the danger zone. The Mirror pointed out that Beyonce is totally not "one to be caught off guard" but there's a first time for everyone and the family sun time in Italy just about turned into Beyonce's first nip slip when she "nearly spilled out of the dress." She knows how to deal with tricky situations though and Beyonce makes lemonade when life serves her a lemon.
Little Blue Ivy, snuggled up in dad's arms, looked "every inch a princess" in her foamy pink net tutu, making Blue and Beyonce "the ultimate mother-daughter duo" (except for the occasional near-miss nip slip) with their very worth-a-look vacation fashion choices. Bey's really "bringing their A-Game" as she and her daughter appear over and over again in "top-notch" outfits, including Beyonce's "patterned silk Pucci suit and a pretty turquoise dress" as well as the fabulous matched floral dresses that they wore together in Paris.
For the yacht trip to the restaurant, Jay Z was cool and chilled-out looking in a striped T-shirt and khaki long shorts as he ferried his daughter safely over the gap.

Beyonce, whose net worth Forbes reports at $265 million, has already surprised people in the area by showing more skin than expected. It wasn't cleavage or a nip slip the first time Bey was caught without coverage. The "Lemonade" singer decided that she really didn't want to wear shoes while on vacay in Italy with Jay Z and Blue Ivy, and "shocked everyone" by strolling around the streets of Capri barefoot. Beyonce isn't sorry for that incident since she loves being barefoot, and fans love that she's comfortable with who she is.

"She's a brave woman!"
Beyonce and the fam are "enjoying some down time" after all Bey's hard work on her Formation World Tour in Europe. She'll be back on the tour in September, when the "Lemonade" promotion tour heads to the U.S. Do you think Bey is going to be more careful about potential nip slips on the "Formation" tour, or will she risk going all the way?

[Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]