WWE News: Many In WWE Believe Finn Balor Is Being Pushed Too Soon, Want 'Demon King' Character Held Off

WWE Superstar Finn Balor has been on a roll since he made his way to WWE. A year ago in July, he won the NXT Championship in Japan and managed to hold it 292 days before dropping it to Samoa Joe in April at a house show in Massachusetts. He would move on to the main roster in the WWE Draft when Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon chose him fifth overall for the WWE RAW brand.

The first night he came to WWE, he won a fatal four way against three other top stars. He would go on to face Roman Reigns later that night to determine who would face Seth Rollins for the new WWE Universal Championship at WWE SummerSlam. Balor would beat the former three0time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and give himself a shot to become the first ever Universal Champion. No one in the history of WWE has won a World Title in their first month with the main roster of WWE.

Many have won World Titles their first year and even six months in, such as the case of Brock Lesnar. Regardless, winning championships has been sort of a trend for Finn Balor, as he's not only won them with WWE, but also won them around the world, especially with New Japan Pro-Wrestling where he was a top star, having won three Junior Heavyweight Championships. He had them for long reigns as well, similar to his NXT Title run. It seems once Balor wins a title, it remains with him for a while.

Finn Balor RAW
[image via WWE]A lot is being made about Finn Balor and his character as of late, it seems. According to Daily Wrestling News, there has been a lot of internal talks surrounding Balor and his "Demon King" character. There are some that are calling for the character to be held off until after SummerSlam. Despite this, the makeup and costume is set to make its official made roster debut at SummerSlam.

Finn is expected to beat Seth Rollins for the Universal Title as well, which may be due to the Demon King character giving him the edge over Rollins. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of the Demon look and character, which is most likely why they added to much to the story of Balor and the Demon this past week on WWE RAW. He's also a big fan of the way the entrance was done in WWE NXT and they could even expand on it when he comes to SummerSlam.

With McMahon backing Balor's look, it is likely that Vince is high on Finn right now and that will probably stick for a while. Triple H is really pushing for Finn to be given a shot at the top due to how good he is, and Vince has no problem doing it, due to the fact that he wanted Balor to come up to the main roster last year. He always felt Balor was worthy of being given a shot, too.

There are plenty against the push of Finn Balor however. Many are saying that Balor has not been on the main roster long enough to be given such a huge push. The thought is that the Demon look will get over well and that it will surely mean World Titles, which is why they want to hold off on the look until Balor has been on the roster a while.

Finn Rollins RAW
[image via WWE]Those same people would love for someone else to be in Finn Balor's spot at SummerSlam, but with the brand split and Balor being 35-years-old, the time truly is now to see what they have in Balor. His overall character can develop, but most fans know him already due to his time in NXT.

While he has not been on the main roster, he's helped NXT become a household name at this point. Because of him and other stars there, NXT has become another brand for WWE that many, including Triple H, feel is equal to RAW and SmackDown Live. That said, Finn Balor may not be known to some, but most know the guy well enough to put a title on him.

The only real question is how long he'll be given to hold the new title and what he can do with it. On top of this, if he can get over enough, many feel Vince McMahon may put Finn Balor at the top of the card making him "the guy" over his gem in Roman Reigns. The good and bad about Vince is that he can change his mind at any time. However, if he knows he has money in something, he will push it until there is nothing left. If Balor makes him cash, he'll use him anywhere he has to. This means that politically, Finn Balor may be protected as long as he remains over.

[Image via WWE]