Fox TV To Debut Worst Reality TV Series Ever. Employees Will Choose Coworker To Fire

Fox TV is about to show off its parent company’s (News Corp – Owner of Fox News) GOP backing, debuting a TV show about laying people off just for the fun of it. The show, a project originally denied by the network in 2009 is called Does Someone Have To Go?. The TV series was originally titled Someone’s Gotta Go.

The original show concept was to pit employees against one another at small companies struggling amid the recession. Employees would ultimately team up to lay off a fellow co-worker in order to save their own job.

Produced by Endemol USA the original project only managed to film a pilot before becoming shelved.

Fox has now ordered a four-episode run for the show which will now focus on dysfunctional companies whose employees will still vote on who to terminate from the corporate chain. While employees will have the option to let someone go they can choose to keep them on the payroll if they choose.

Endemol USA is still producing the show which highlights the troubles faced by American companies in this day and age.

In originally describing the show and what it would provide to viewers Fox’s head of alternative programming Mike Darnell described the reality TV show as: “Survivor meets The Office.”

Originally test audiences told executives that the show was “insensitive” to the millions of Americans who have lost their job or were worried about being fired. How those worries have changed at a time when profitable companies continue to fire workers is not really clear.