Duracell Debuts myGrid SmartPower Charging System For Lazy People

Duracell has just announced their new line of myGrid Smartphone charging pads, a system that makes it easier than ever to charge all of your Smartphones and other electronics from one charge pad, without the need to plug them in.

The system couldn’t be any easier to use, simply plug the pad into your wall outlet and then drop your devices down onto the pad to begin the charging process. Duracell isn’t the first company to release a device of this type, WildCharge has had one on the market for a while, in fact the Duracell unit looks oddly familiar when placed directly next to the WildCharge units.

According to SlipperyBrick:

It can charge MP3 players, phones, and other devices by fitting them with a power sleeve or a power clip. The myGrid looks so much like the WildCharge system I think they may have licensed the product. As far as phones go, the myGrid has solutions for the iPhone, Blackberry, Motorola, and Nokia devices. The myGrid is set to ship in October.


Just what I wanted, a system that makes in unnecessary for me to go through all the trouble of plugging in a single cable to my phone, now that’s lazy. Although it may not be a bad solution if you have one outlet and multiple devices.