November 7, 2017
WWE News: Luke Harper Insulted By WWE Article About Free Agents

Luke Harper was always considered the WWE star with the brightest future in the Wyatt Family after leader Bray Wyatt. That meant that the Harper ACL injury was a devastating blow to him and the entire Wyatt Family. Since Luke was injured, he was not made a part of the WWE brand split, and that makes Harper a "free agent" for WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. recently released an article where they discussed the 10 hottest WWE free agents that went undrafted and could really help one of the two brands. Some names were no-brainers, such as The Rock, The Undertaker, Nikki Bella, and Bayley. Some were fun choices, such as The Brian Kendrick and Tajiri. However, some were head scratchers, and Luke Harper was offended that the tag team of Cryme Tyme was ranked and he was left off the list.

Luke Harper was speaking to Chad Dukes of CBS Radio and talked about the hottest free agents listing by Luke said that he wasn't sure how to take the fact that Cryme Tyme was listed and he wasn't.

"When you put a list of the ten hottest free agents available in today's market, and I mean no offense to them, but when Cryme Tyme ranks above you, it really makes you question your career choices."
Luke Harper was pressed about a name like Heath Slater, who has been using the gimmick of "hottest free agent" on both WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Harper dismissed Slater, adding some kayfabe to his seemingly real disappointment.

"Listen, I don't want to talk about Heath Slater, he's been beaten down by Rhyno and Jinder Mahal. So I don't want to talk about that, but Cryme Tyme couldn't be more irrelevant to today's wrestling scene. So for them to rank above me, it's a bit of a slap in the face."
Most of that Luke Harper interview was out of character, as he was intelligent and really touched on a lot of things. Harper talked about being really happy for Cody Rhodes for remaining successful since leaving the WWE. Luke also mentioned stars outside the WWE that he would love to see come to the WWE to face him, including Michael Elgin, The Young Bucks, and Tanahashi.

Luke Harper said that the WWE brand split is a "beautiful thing," touching on what many stars have said before about the split. This gives more people a chance to get into main event matches, as evident by Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam this month. Harper said he sees himself as a future world champion, so this gives him a chance.

However, the first thing he has to do is return from his ACL injury and prove he is back to 100 percent. There is a good chance that Luke Harper will be paired with Bray Wyatt once again in the Wyatt Family, as Erick Rowan has already returned to Wyatt's side after it looked like the WWE Draft split the group up.

Harper did an interview with QwalityTV about his injury, and once again, Luke was speaking completely out of character and was upfront and honest about his injury and it temporarily derailing his career.


"The first few hours after the injury I thought it was a catastrophe and assumed life was over. Moving on from there after the surgery going to the doctor and working with the champion sports down there, that kind of turned me around to think that I can come back bigger, and better, and stronger, and a more well refined athlete and professional wrestler. It gave me time to work on all kinds of stuff at home and spend time with my family and my 4-year-old. So, a blessing in disguise."

To think that Luke Harper, already a freakishly talented big man, could be better and stronger than before is scary. Luke can fly, he can brawl, and he can be a huge WWE star if given the chance. Harper is much more important that Cryme Tyme, and that article might push Luke Harper right to the top if he has anything to say about it.

[Image via WWE]