Donald Trump: Campaign Holding A 'Come To Jesus' Meeting With The RNC

Donald Trump has had a messy time since the Republican National Convention ended, and, according to a report from Politico, his campaign and the RNC are sitting down together today for what one insider called a "come to Jesus" meeting. A rep from the Donald Trump campaign called it a "typical" meeting. Karen Giorno, senior adviser to the Trump campaign will attend in his place and had the following to say.

"This is a typical meeting. There's no consternation. These are meetings we're having in the battleground states to get it all going. We keep seeing these reports that there's a rift between Reince [Priebus] and the boss and it's just false."
Insiders not associated with the campaign characterized it as much more serious, with one even calling it an "emergency meeting." Trump will not attend. Senior adviser Karen Giorno will attend in his place. The meeting was initiated by the Trump campaign and is being viewed by the RNC as a sign that the campaign is acknowledging the seriousness of their problems.
"They want to patch up a rift that just keeps unfolding. They finally realize they need the RNC for their campaign because, let's face it, there is no campaign."
Tensions between Trump and the RNC have been increasing, with many pressuring Trump to drop out of the race so the RNC can spend money down ballot on candidates whose campaigns are floundering because of the association of the RNC with Trump. A Quinnipiac University poll released this week indicates that Donald Trump is losing his lead over Hillary Clinton in all-important Florida. That poll also indicated that he may be dragging down Marco Rubio's numbers in his state. The Trump campaign has only one field office in Florida at a time when campaigns usually have about 10 offices in the state.

As noted by The Atlantic, the exodus of Republicans from supporting Trump has been massive in the last few weeks. It has become so large that earlier this week Hillary Clinton acknowledged the anti-Trump Republicans when she launched a group called Together for America that was created just for fleeing Republicans.

Even campaign insiders are becoming frustrated with Donald Trump's behavior that they feel works against all the hard work they are putting in. There is also concern among his people about the lack of support from other Republicans, a concern that raised new heights with the release this week of an open letter signed by 70 Republicans in which they urged Prebius to stop funding Trump's campaign. This is a possibility that Donald Trump shakes off in public, saying that if they do stop funding him, he will "stop funding the Republican Party."

"I'm the one raising that's funding, I'm the one that's raising the money and other people are getting to use the money that I raised."
Adding to the RNC's frustration with Donald Trump is that they are providing his campaign with funds, but he continues to refuse to heed their advice on bringing more professionalism to his campaign.

Contrary to Karen Giorno's denial that there is any rift between Donald Trump and Reince Prebius, Time recently reported the following.

"When Donald Trump mucks things up, the first person to let him know is usually Republican Party boss Reince Priebus. Almost every day, Trump picks up his cellphone to find Priebus on the line, urging him to quash some feud or clarify an incendiary remark."
Donald Trump did make a public comment recently in which he seems to acknowledge that his campaign is struggling. The Washington Post quotes him as saying to a group of evangelical Christians on Thursday that his campaign has been given a "false narrative."

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