‘Rocket League’ September Update To Add ‘Octagon’ Arena & Two New Variants Of Classic Fields

A Rocket League update is arriving next month, and it is set to bring along exciting new content. The latest announcement posted on the game's official website shared that a new VR-themed arena is coming to the hit soccer-meets-driving video game next month.

According to Kyle Lemmon's post on the site, Rocket League's upcoming update this September will be adding a new stadium. Rocket Labs playlist is adding the "Octagon" arena to the roster, and players can use it for both the Online and Offline Exhibition play. Setting apart this new arena to other VR-themed stadiums already available are its "large, eight-sided walls," the website explained.

Talking more about the Rocket League's September update, the post revealed two variants of classic fields.

"The 'Octagon' arena isn't the only addition headed to Rocket League, as two more variants of classic traditional fields, 'Urban Central (Dawn)' and 'DFH Stadium (Stormy),' are coming as well. As always, both variants will be included for Online and offline play in Exhibition and Private matches, and the Ranked Playlists as they should be."
Fans should also note that next month's update for Rocket League will include a new and free game mode called Rumble. According to a separate post from the game's website, it is "an epic battle royale-style addition that comes stacked with randomized power-ups." Specifically, 11 fresh power-ups can be expected once Rocket League Rumble arrives. Each of these power-ups, together with their corresponding description, is listed below, as grabbed from the official post:
  • The Boot (Kicks an opponent's car)
  • Disruptor (Forces your opponent to drive uncontrollably)
  • Freezer (Freezes the ball in-place)
  • Grappling Hook (Pulls you towards the ball)
  • Haymaker (Punches the ball)
  • Magnetizer (Attracts the ball to your car)
  • Plunger (Grabs the ball via plunger and cord)
  • Power Hitter (Allows you to hit everything harder)
  • Spike (Attach the ball to your car when you bump into it)
  • Swapper (Change positions on the field with your opponent)
  • Tornado (Sweep up the ball and opposing cars into a giant funnel cloud)
The new game mode debuted during the last day of the Rocket League Championship Series Live Finals. Check out the trailer below.
Developed by Psyonix, Rocket League was initially released in July 2015. The physics-based soccer video game is currently available for consoles such as the Xbox One and the Sony PS4. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux versions also exist.

GameSpot's review for Rocket League revealed that the joy of the game "rests on the countless plans that are conceived and discarded every other second in any given match."

"Trying to predict where and how the ball will bounce next is a game within the game," it added. "Despite the use of cars, Rocket League emulates the emotional surges typical of The Beautiful Game, such as the rush of an unexpected fast break or a well-timed header into a goal."

Rocket League Update For Next Month Revealed
[Image via Rocket League / Photopin]The review also emphasized that Rocket League showcases a magnificent execution of "the promising concept of combining two wonderful things--cars and soccer."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Collector's Edition of the game was released last month in the US, and it includes various bonus content, such as the all-new Season Mode and the single-player mode of the game, as well as an exclusive art print. Furthermore, purchasing the Rocket League Collector's Edition will give players access to the three available DLC packs; Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Chaos Run.

As for other Rocket League news updates, Bundle Stars is currently offering a 30 percent discount for the game. Regularly priced at $20, those who are interested in getting their own copy only need to shell out $14 as long as the offer is available.

The Inquisitr will continue to keep you in the loop for more news and updates for this exciting game.

[Image via Rocket League / Photopin]