‘One Piece’ Manga Secrets That Could Be Revealed As Luffy Gets Help From Big Mom’s Ex-Husband

Popular Japanese manga, One Piece is now on its 835th chapter. With immersive storyline and characters with amazing abilities, the journey of Luffy and his gang has progressed well for the past two decades. While the ever-twisting plot of the manga has kept millions of fans riveted, the manga's creator, Eiichiro Oda, has left several pieces of information unanswered.

The unpredictability of One Piece might be one of the primary reasons for its immense success as fans have to closely follow the adventures of Luffy and his gang. This Japanese manga is filled with characters with ever-evolving traits, special powers, and characteristics, which has lent a whole new level of volatility and several voids that fans are struggling to understand. While the creator has been trying to reveal the same as the story progresses, here are some burning questions that Oda could reveal in the next chapter:

What's the deal with Jinbe?

Back when Luffy and his gang attempted to invite Jinbe, he didn't completely reject the offer, but instead, declined to join and claimed he had "other things to do first." Oda hasn't revealed what exactly was Jinbe up to. While many fan theories suggest he may have worked as a spy or an assassin for hire, his presence alongside Big Mom could help clear a lot of mystery about the guy.

The Straw Hats' invitation is undoubtedly a big offer, and Oda could reveal what kept Jinbe from accepting the extended hand of friendship from Luffy and his gang besides his loyalty to Big Mom. Interestingly, Jinbe had reportedly asked for his freedom, but for some unknown reason, is still with her. The reason for his voluntary companionship could be revealed in upcoming chapters.

Incidentally, Jimbe has already begun working for Charlotte clan. It is still a mystery why he willingly chose to volunteer for servitude when he so clearly dreamed of his freedom. Fans suggest Big Mom may have already granted Jenbe his freedom. Additionally, she may have also ensured the safety of Jinbe's people on Fishman Island. In return, Big Mom might have demanded that he retain his allegiance to the Charlotte clan.

If these speculations pan out to be true, Jinbe and his people could be in real danger if they ever try to leave or escape as Jinbe isn't strong enough to defeat Big Mom. Since he hasn't accepted Luffy's alliance, the latter can't save him and his people yet. Still, there are rumors that Luffy is expected to fight Big Mom in chapter 836. While the fight would be of epic proportions, the odds aren't in favor of Luffy. While it is unlikely Big Mom will go down easy, in case Luffy does manage to defeat her, Jinbe is the one who stands to gain the most. As an added bonus, Sanji will finally be back with the Straw Hats crew.

Did Sanji truly master Newkama Kenpo and learned the Ivankov's 99 recipes?

In manga chapter 595, Sanji had requested Ivankov to impart his knowledge of the art of attack cuisine that makes the body stronger merely by consumption of the mystery dishes. However, Ivankov reportedly said that the 99 recipes could only be learned by "someone who has made his heart like a maiden's and learned Newkama Kenpo." Sanji is expected to showcase a new technique in the upcoming chapters. While there has been no confirmation so far, rumors suggest Sanji may have mastered the 99 recipes and had gotten really strong by consuming the delicacies. This might also mean he has mastered Newkama Kenpo.

Besides Jinbe and Sanji, Eiichiro Oda could take the One Piece story in multiple other directions that reveal a lot more about Big Mom's ex-husband, Buried Guy, and their two daughters, Lola and Chiffon. But for chapter 836, the story could dwell mostly on Pedro and Brooke.

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