Meryl Streep Tells 'Fox' She Felt Like Hillary Clinton's 'Cheerleader'

Meryl Streep told Fox News that she felt like a cheerleader for Hillary Clinton at last month's Democratic Convention. Meanwhile, the three time Oscar winner has also been dubbed the "Queen of August" by Vanity Fair.

When sitting down with Fox News' program Fox411 for an interview, Meryl Streep explained how it felt to speak at a political convention.

"Oh you, know I was a cheerleader in high school, and I got out there and it felt like, 'man this is the big game,' you know, 'we're in the big league and our team… is gonna win,' and it made me feel [for] all the women for 240 years -- that America has been a country and the first 150 we couldn't even vote -- and here we are at this moment. I did feel the sort of throb of history and couldn't contain myself. I didn't, I wasn't really aware that I screamed until I looked up at my kids in the box and they were both like this (covers face)."

So the woman who won her last Oscar for playing the world's most famous woman political leader who was also a staunch conservative, Margaret Thatcher, is now proud to play a cheerleader for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. But what about Clinton's politics?

Unfortunately Fox411 went on to ask Meryl about her upcoming movie rather than to elaborate on what she likes about Clinton's politics other than the fact that she could be America's first woman leader.

Well who cares anyway? Who doesn't love Meryl Streep? At the age of 67 she is just as beautiful as ever. Meryl has always been, and will always be, a role model and a hero to women everywhere.

She has released a movie every year since 1981 and many times has released two, even three films in the same calendar year. Streep shows no signs of slowing down, which is a disappointment to no one.

Streep is currently out promoting her latest film Florence Foster Jenkins, which premiers this weekend. As Meryl explained to Vanity Fair, this is the best time of year for actors to appear in quality movies if they want to garner Oscar nominations. The "big blockbuster" part of the summer season has ended and smaller movies will now have a chance to be seen. And by coming out in August they also have a chance to be made available on video and for live streaming before the end of the year.

The Vanity Fair piece on Meryl Streep, which the actress proudly posted a link to on Twitter, explained how the month of August has changed for movies over the years.

"It's the dog days of summer! August: not exactly the time of year you associate with Oscar-bait and/or period-piece acting showcases. And yet that's exactly what August has quietly become over the years, usually serving up one sorta glossy, sorta heavy, sorta light movie that will, the thinking goes, appeal to, well, a certain contingent of women (and gay men!), after a whole summer of presumably not being appealed to with macho action spectaculars."

Streep also shared a hilarious shot of herself from the new movie on Instagram.

Streep told Fox411 about how she was required to deliberately sing off key for the picture and how that made her feel and how she approached copying the bad singing of the movie's feature character.

"What I wanted to do was not copy her but capture the tambour of her voice, you know, which was particularly grating and also endearing. There was a sweetness to it. And we were lucky because Simon Helberg, who plays the accompanist Cosme McMoon, he and I share a comic sensibility and so we approached it very seriously, and then I tried to crack him up."

Florence Foster Jenkins is the story of an eccentric heiress from New York who always wanted to be an opera singer. It is directed by Stephen Frears, who also directed Oscar winning films like The Queen and Dangerous Liaisons.

The movie review aggregate web site Rotten Tomatoes currently rates it at 89 percent. The New York Times, Rolling Stone, People Magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer have all given it positive reviews. The Times was especially pleased with Meryl Streep's performance.

"Meryl Streep will get most of the attention accorded the crowd-pleasing Florence Foster Jenkins thanks to a performance that may single-handedly set off a boom in the earplug industry."
The movie co-stars Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg and Nina Arianda.

Many people are banking on Meryl Streep adding to her record 19 Oscar nominations for acting with her new role. She probably will.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]