'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Details About The 'BB19' Fall Season Including Cast, Prize, Possible Identity Of The Vet Players, And Premiere Date

Big Brother 19 is right around the corner, and the fans cannot stop talking about it. They wonder how the feeds will work since the season will be on CBS All Access and not shown on television at all. All Access BB19 has the scoop and reveals everything they know so far about the new season.

The first tidbit we learned is that Season 19 would stream two weeks after Big Brother 18 wraps up. CBS calls the new season a "bonus for the fans," because they have never considered an all-digital season in the past. Apparently, they asked the fans if they'd be open to seeing the show via the Internet only, and the vast majority stated they would continue to pay for the live feeds if they broadcasted a season on CBS All Access.

Robyn Kass has been the casting director for Big Brother for years, and it was expected that she would assemble a quick cast for Big Brother 19. As luck would have it, Kass is busy casting Big Brother Canada's new season, so she cannot handle Big Brother 19's casting. This tidbit alone is reason alone to tune in for Big Brother 19. So many people have complained for years that Robyn casts her friends on the show, so it will be interesting to see how the casting changes without her direction.

Another juicy tidbit we learned was that Julie Chen would host the web season. Julie revealed that there is no Big Brother without the "Chenbot," so we should expect to see her back on Big Brother in the fall. At first, there was some speculation that Jeff Schroeder could host the show, but Julie put those rumors to bed quickly.

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease that the season will have 12 new players and two veteran houseguests. Yesterday, Zap2it reported that Da'Vonne Rogers could be returning to the game in a "future season." Big Brother pointed out that they love Rogers, and they were disappointed by her premature eviction. It seemed to point to the idea that Da'Vonne may be one of the returnee players.

It appeared to echo the comments Big Brother made following Frank Eudy's eviction. Frank left the house as a fan-favorite for a majority of the season. Big Brother asked Frank after his eviction if he would play the game if asked again. Without hesitation, Frank stated he would jump at the chance to play the game again. Many fans have wondered if Da'Vonne and Frank could be entering the house again to compete in Big Brother 19 in October. It looks like we'll have to wait for a for an official announcement to find out.

The Big Brother house will stay mostly the same because two weeks will not be much time for a massive makeover. They expect to make some minor changes but mostly, the BB19 house will look the same.

The game will last anywhere from 60-80 days and will undergo some minor changes to the format. Big Brother revealed they plan to give the viewers more control than ever before. Apparently, the producers plan to add more challenges for the contestants, and want to give more opportunity to have a power shift. The prize money will be slightly lower because it won't be aired on television. They expect the grand prize to be $250,000, which will make it the smallest prize in the history of Big Brother (US edition only).

Many Big Brother fans reported they would not watch if the show is not on television, claiming that they won't "pay" to watch it online. The live feeds are only $0.20 a day and for that price, you can watch the house 24 hours a day. It comes in at less than $6 a month. It's a fair price, considering many people pay more than that for a cup of coffee.

Are you excited about Big Brother 19? What returnee players would you like to see come back? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

[Image via CBS]