Kanye West Calls Kim Kardashian 'The New Marie Antoinette'

First Kim Kardashian talks about her similarities to American author, and now, husband Kanye West is likening her to France's Marie Antoinette. Perhaps Kanye never got to the end of that chapter of this history books, or maybe he didn't understand the end of the movie by Sofia Coppola, but the end of Marie Antoinette's story is not exactly a happy one (spoiler alert: Marie Antoinette was beheaded). But maybe, Kanye meant to make a bigger statement about a French queen who was so out of touch with her people that when told that her minions had no bread, she said "then let them eat cake!" Either way, Kanye and Kim seem to both believe they are larger than life.

After visiting the home of Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, Kim Kardashian had the epiphany that she and Hemingway had a lot in common. When Kardashian saw that Ernest Hemingway weighed himself daily, and wrote the results on his wall, she commented "that's just like me!" Kardashian enjoyed seeing the way Hemingway lived when she toured his Cuban home.

Kanye West believes like Marie Antoinette, Kim Kardashian is a style-maker of her time, yet he also believes that Kardashian is an agent of change, yet Marie Antoinette wasn't into change, as she liked things just as they were, that is, before the rebellion that cost her her head.

"My wife is the face of the change of fashion, where designers who literally wouldn't let her sit in shows are now making entire collections based off of her shape. [Kim] represents our modern-day Marie Antoinette. She gets hair and makeup every day, not just for a photo shoot. Why? Because every day is a photo shoot."

Kanye West also then boldly likens himself to King Louis XVI, when he says that Kim Kardashian is also of importance because of her proximity to him. Perhaps Kanye also forgot that Marie Antoinette's family forced her to marry him for the status and money. Hmmm.

"I think that I'm really close to — if not at the center of — changes in our time."


Kim Kardashian Compares Herself To Ernest Hemingway
Are Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Relocating To England?

Harpers Bazaar interviewed Kanye and Kim Kardashian, and jut like Kim Kardashian felt something in Cuba for Hemingway, she also has a feeling for Paris and for Versailles, where she says they had their rehearsal dinner. Kim Kardashian explained that when she thinks of her wedding, she thinks of Paris, though at the last minute, they married in Italy.

"And even though we got married in Italy, we spent our whole week here getting ready. All of our guests thought that we were getting married in Paris. We were going to, and then we switched the venue a month before, surprising everyone by telling them to come to Paris thinking that's where it would be. We did our bachelorette and bachelor dinners and parties and welcome party and then our rehearsal dinner at Versaille and then we told everyone, 'Hey guys, we're not really getting married in Paris, everyone be outside by 11am and planes will take everyone to Italy.' Paris was really part of our wedding, we have such an emotional connection here."

Then Kanye began to speak in grandiose terms about his sneakers, claiming they are the most sought after sneakers in the world. He believes that what robes were to Roman times, his sneakers will be to our time when looking back.

"You think of Roman times, or Jesus times, and the first word that comes to mind is 'robes.' People will look back at our time 1,000 years from now and they'll say 'sneakers.'"

Well, everyone at a time had to wear robes, as there was nothing else available. Luckily today, people have more options than expensive sneakers.

What do you think of Kanye West's and Kim Kardashian's views of themselves?

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