‘Destiny’: Xur’s Exotic Goods For August 13, Super Good Advice Returns With Taikonaut

The weeks are counting down to the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, but Xûr still has some Exotic goods to sell for Year Two players on PlayStation and Xbox. The Super Good Advice is on sale along with Taikonaut for Titans, Young Ahamkara’s Spine for Hunters, and Starfire Protocol for Warlocks.

This weekend, Xûr can be found across from the Speaker in the Tower North. Simply head to the left when you first spawn in the Tower, and you’ll find him standing in front of a large, round door across from the speaker’s entrance. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map.

Destiny Xur North Tower (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through the morning of Sunday, August 14. He will be gone as soon as the clock strikes 5 a.m. ET/2 a.m. PT.

Exotic Gear on Sale

Name Type Max Stat Cost
The Taikonaut Titan Helmet 47 Discipline /
47 Strength
13 Strange Coins
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Hunter Gauntlets 72 Discipline 13 Strange Coins
Starfire Protocol Warlock Chest Armor 65 Discipline /
64 Strength
13 Strange Coins
Super Good Advice Heavy Weapon 17 Strange Coins
Legacy Engram Primary Weapon 31 Strange Coins


“Emerald Coil” Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Void Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Ammo Synthesis 3-pack 1 Strange Coin
Three of Coins Exotic Chance Boost 5-pack 7 Strange Coins
Glass Needles Resets Exotic Stats 3-pack 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes of Light, 1 Exotic Shard

For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints.

Super Good Advice

Destiny Super Good Advice Exotic Heavy Machine Gun (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny]

Super Good Advice is not a weapon known for its accuracy, but that actually works to its advantage. The Heavy Machine Gun’s namesake perk returns missed shots to the magazine. Additionally, landing shots may automatically load rounds from reserve ammo into the magazine. This is a solid weapon to use for area denial or against the rare enemy object in the game that doesn’t count hits, such as the Oracles in the Vault of Glass.

The Taikonaut

Destiny The Taikonaut Titan Exotic Helmet (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny]

This Titan Exotic Helmet is all about perks for Heavy Weapons and Rocket Launchers, in particular. The intrinsic “Air Traffic Control” perk actually gives three perks. All Rocket Launchers gain tracking, radar will stay up while aiming using a Heavy Weapon, and Heavy Weapon ammo drops more often. This is best combined with Rocket Launchers that have a “Javelin” and/or “Grenades & Horseshoes” perk. Just note that the tracking perk is currently bugged and will disable tracking for Rocket Launchers that already have it.

The Taikonaut also comes with the choice between “Ashes to Assets” for bonus Super Energy from grenade kills or “Heavy Lifting” for bonus Super energy from Heavy Weapon kills. The final column perk is “Better Already” for immediate shield recovery on Orb pickup.

The split 47 Discipline and 47 Strength rolls are decent for this helmet. Consider re-rolling to shoot for “Inverse Shadow” in the third column.

Young Ahamkara’s Spine

Destiny Young Ahamkara's Spine Hunter Exotic Gauntlets (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny]

Gunslingers get this Hunter Exotic from Xur’s inventory this week. The Year Two version of Young Ahamkara’s Spine grants an additional Tripmine Grenade as its innate perk in addition to extending grenade duration by 30 seconds.

Destiny players will also have the option between the “Fastball” perk for increased grenade throw distance and “Impact Induction” for bonus grenade energy on melee hits. Plus, there’s the choice of faster reloads for Auto Rifles or Machine Guns.

An extra Tripmine Grenade in PVP is invaluable, which makes this a must pick-up for Destiny Gunslingers who don’t have the Year Two version of this Exotic piece. The 72 Discipline roll is decent and perfectly placed for this Exotic piece’s grenade focus.

Starfire Protocol

Destiny Apotheosis Veil Warlock Exotic Helmet (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Destiny]

The Starfire Protocol has not been sold much during Destiny Year Two. It is meant for the Warlock Sunsinger subclass thanks to the namesake perk, which grants an additional Fusion grenade. However, this does not stack with the “Gift of the Sun” perk, so you can still only max out at two. What it does allow is for players to select either the “Angel of Light” or “Touch of Flame” perks, instead.

The third column perks give the choice between carrying additional special or heavy weapon ammo, while the final column perks provide additional Solar Armor or better Void Burn resistance.

The 65 Discipline and 64 Strength split rolls are excellent. There’s really no reason to re-roll this piece unless a more Intellect focused stat is needed.

[Image via Bungie]