Man Fakes Brain Injury In Order To Have His Underwear Changed

A New Hampshire man has been charged with attempting to commit indecent exposure after he allegedly faked a brain injury in order to have his caregiver change his underwear, according to CBS News. Investigators explained that 24-year-old Eric Carrier allegedly posted an ad on Craigslist pretending to be a 22-year-old disabled man in need of in-home care. As a result of his condition, Carrier explained that he could no longer control his bowels. If someone wanted the job, they would be required to change his underwear.

Much to the complete and utter horror of Carrier’s caregiver, the young man wasn’t disabled at all. After becoming suspicious of Carrier’s behavior after she was instructed to change his soiled underwear, the woman decided to place a call to the local police. An investigation soon revealed that Carrier had not been disabled as a result of a brain injury. For his unusual deception, he was promptly taken into police custody.

Gawker reports that this isn’t the first time Carrier has faked a brain injury in order to get someone to change his underwear. If reports are to be believed, the peculiar 24-year-old from New Hampshire has allegedly solicited at least five other women with his scheme.

According to the Union Leader, Carrier was arrested last year for exposing himself to an adult caregiver. Hooksett Police Detective Janet Bouchard explained that, posing as his own father, the young man posted an ad on Craigslist looking for an in-home caregiver. When she arrived at the disabled man’s house, the guy’s father was nowhere to be found.

“(The nurse) stated that because the father wasn’t home, she decided she didn’t want to leave him [without a clean diaper],” Bouchard explained. “He exposed himself and it caused alarm to this nurse. He brought her there under false pretenses.”

If the young man who faked the brain injury is convicted of the crimes, he could face up to seven years in prison.