Tammy Rivera Explains Reconciling With Waka Flocka On Instagram After Their 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Separation

In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, it seemed like Tammy Rivera and rapper Waka Flocka may be over for good. Tammy revealed that Waka had been having an affair and they were separating. It became clear that the "No Hands" singer wanted his woman back, and he began to seek forgiveness.

The couple appeared on the Breakfast Club earlier this month to discuss the status of their relationship Waka Flocka Flame revealed that his behavior was a sign of immunity, and it seems like Tammy has confirmed on Instagram that the rapper has done some growing up.

Tammy Rivera wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram to Waka stating the following:
"Juaquin James Malphurs, I thank you for coming into my life. You came in and took in Charlie like she was your very own. It's crazy how people judge you or try to talk down on you because of the past. They don't realize that you fought for your family and you matured on so many levels, but they'll never understand!! For better or for worst, you've changed and grew up in so many ways and I'm grateful of it. Everyone deserves another chance and you showed me why you deserved it. I love you Waka. Yours truly, Tammy."
Waka Flocka sent a sweet message of his own last week where he wished Tammy a happy birthday. He reveals that he told her they would get married on their first date and she laughed it off. The message includes the following:

"Your loyalty, love and determination are what binds us. Words cannot express nor will people ever understand how we feel about one another," Waka captioned.

He credits his wife for teaching him how to be a man and describes Tammy as his best friend and life partner. Waka also accepts Tammy's daughter as his own and wants to raise a family.

In their Breakfast Club interview, Tammy Rivera confirmed that she is not pregnant. However, Waka revealed that he wants to have a child with her eventually.

In the beginning of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5, Tammy defended Waka Flocka's comments about the transgender community. The rapper suggested that the transgender identity is the devil playing tricks on the mind in reference to Caitlyn Jenner.

A rivalry with Betty Idol, D. Smith and Tammy quickly ensued and the three clashed at a restaurant. Rivera and Idol has since patched things up when Tammy revealed that they had a civil conversation.

Tammy Rivera friend and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta castmate Bambi stated that she believed that she will reconcile with Waka Flocka during the reunion. Bambi said the couple are in love with each other and Waka just had to mature, stating that it is typical of men to mature slower than women.

In an interview with VH1, Tammy called out Joseline for getting a restraining order on Tommie. Tammy recalls an altercation with the Puerto Rican princess where she states that she was attacked and didn't press charges.

Tammy says Joseline is "lame" for claiming to come from the streets and asking for an order of protection. She reveals that she wanted an opportunity to confront Joseline at the reunion but states that no seeing each other may have been a blessing in disguise because they may end up in a physical altercation.

Tammy states that Hernandez is a "lost soul," and she is hoping her child will change her into becoming more respectful to others. She says Joseline has a lot of "wickedness" in her heart and says that comes from the devil.

Tammy Rivera is expected to appear in the next season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

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