Ashton Kutcher Sends Shannen Doherty Encouragement As Breast Cancer Battle Rages On

Ashton Kutcher sent words of encouragement to Shannen Doherty, who is battling breast cancer, via Facebook. Kutcher shared a post by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who had also recently sent words of encouragement to Doherty, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Ashton’s post with the simple words “Stay strong Shannen” came on a day when Doherty posted a Facebook status of her own noting it was one of her dreaded chemotherapy days as her fight against breast cancer rages on.

Doherty, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, recently revealed that the cancer had spread beyond the breast and into the lymph nodes which is why Shannen is pursuing chemotherapy. Doherty’s breast cancer fight became public when Shannen filed a lawsuit against her former business manager. According to ABC, Doherty claims that the business manager allowed Shannen’s health insurance to lapse, preventing her from her getting a routine mammogram and catching the breast cancer early.

Since revealing her cancer diagnosis, Shannen has received a wave of support from fellow actors. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Shannen’s former Charmed cast mate Alyssa Milano had tweeted support despite their ongoing tiff. Doherty, who has been known to have strife with several costars, even received words of encouragement from fellow Beverly Hills 90210 actor Jason Priestley.

According to People, Priestley commended Doherty for her bravery as he attended a benefit for The Michael J. Fox Foundation at the end of July. Jason’s remarks came just after Shannen had shared photos on social media of her head being shaved due to the hair loss caused by chemo.

“Shannen’s a strong kid and a tough fighter and I know that she’s gonna come through this fight and she’s gonna be okay,” Priestley said, noting that Doherty’s willingness to share the trials and tribulations of fighting cancer so publicly undoubtedly encouraged others going through the same thing.

Ian Ziering and Tiffani Amber Thiesen, also of Beverly Hills 90210 fame, wished Shannen well in the fight for her life.

Ashton Kutcher and Shannen Doherty have never worked together as actors, but it’s apparent that Ashton was moved by Shannen’s strength and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s post gushing about Doherty’s awesomeness. It’s unknown whether or not Ashton and Shannen or friends, but regardless Kutcher seemed to feel Doherty needed the good vibes. Ashton has often posted about breast cancer awareness, and Kutcher’s wife Mila Kunis recently starred in Bad Moms with Christina Applegate, another high profile celebrity who shared her breast cancer battle with the world much like Doherty has. On top of that, Ashton Kutcher is known for his posts of encouragement to the world in general. A special post for Doherty, on a day in which Shannen would appear to be struggling shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Doherty recently gave an interview with Entertainment Tonight in which Shannen discussed how the support and strength of her mother and husband has helped her focus on getting well, but that it is the cancer community that has inspired her the most.

“Because the cancer family is a really large family, and they’re wonderful and embracing and so willing to share their own story with you — and also inspire you and be inspired by you,” Doherty said. “That amount of love has changed me, it’s just made me appreciate people. I always did, but it’s like a new kind of appreciation.”

And though Doherty has recently expressed a deep fear the cancer will win, Shannen continues the fight, prompted by the support of fans, family, friends, and people like Ashton Kutcher and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who remind Shannen that they continue to root for her.

[Image of Shannen Doherty by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images. Image of Ashton Kutcher by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.]