Rioting Breaks Out At Foxconn Factory In China

Foxconn Riot Breaks Out

Workers at Foxconn’s Taiyuan, China plant rioted in the early hours of Monday morning, requiring police to be dispatched to quiet down the workers.

While the motive is not yet clear for what sparked the riot, Sina Weibo user Li Tian has assured that the riot is not part of the recent anti-Japan demonstrations, reports Engadget.

Li posted photos of the riot, showing the damage caused. This is the same Foxconn facility that suffered from a strike in March over a salary dispute.

Other photos from Sina Weibo users in the area show large numbers of police inside and around the factory, appearing in riot gear to block off masses of people. Another photo shows debris around the Foxconn compound and even an overturned guard tower, notes NBC News.

The fight allegedly began after a security guard hit a worker around 10 pm on Sunday. This is not the first time the facility, which is reportedly the site that fabricated the black plate of the new iPhone 5, has caused an uproar. Workers at the Taiyuan facility rioted and held a strike in March over the company’s failure to give out a promised pay raise.

Foxconn’s Chengdu plant in Sichuan also rioted in June when scores of workers were in a fight with a local restaurant owner. The fight had to be broken up by police. Foxconn is largely responsible for manufacturing most of the current production and assembly of Apple products, along with other laptops and gaming consoles.

Despite their popularity with technology companies, the Taiwanese company has been under fire for tough working conditions that include long hours, low wages, and strict rules on representation. The company has also had to install anti-jump nets to prevent suicide attempts after a string of suicides at its plants across China.

Censors in China are already taking down pictures of the early Monday morning Foxconn riot.