'No Man's Sky' Multiplayer Issues — Are Servers To Blame, Or Was It Never There To Begin With?

No Man's Sky has been a major hit for players, and developer Hello Games is celebrating the successful release.

While there's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the game, No Man's Sky is unlike anything that players have experienced before. The main objective of the game is exploration. A vast, unexplored space waits those who jump into the cockpit. Flora and fauna are plentiful across planets to be discovered, and each experience will allow explorers to come across many unique elements. If you have a desire to go into deep space to pull back the veil on what Hello Games has in store for players, No Man's Sky is sure to entertain. However, it appears that one feature in particular is missing: multiplayer.

According to a report by Independent, it appears that No Man's Sky has a multiplayer issue due to the number of people playing. When a game like this is released, it's hard to tell just how many people are going to dive in on the first day. Projections may be high, but this isn't the first time that the outcome has been completely staggering. Games like World of Warcraft or Battlefield have had similar launch problems. Not that players haven't been able to get onto servers and begin their journey, but the overall congestion appears to be giving the multiplayer aspect of No Man's Sky a hiccup.

Creator Sean Murray took to Twitter to address the multiplayer issue, discussing the fact that he couldn't have fathomed the amount of players who were participating in the game on the first day. He also mentions the fact that No Man's Sky isn't even a multiplayer game, so fans shouldn't be expecting an experience that reflects more than a single player game.

Additionally, he cleared the air with a very specific tweet.
One can only wonder to what extent the "scan for other players" feature is used, but Murray has advised players that No Man's Sky is one adventure where they'll be going it alone. There is the promise of "Easter Eggs," however, which leave fans hopeful that the experience might change.

In a report by Gamespresso, there also appears to be an inconsistency with the European limited edition box of No Man's Sky. Players are finding that there is an online play sticker, though it's been covered up. This gives players the notion that the game was meant to have multiplayer aspects, but Sony had this to say in response to the error.

"Incorrect descriptors were incorporated into the original No Man's Sky limited edition packaging. This was a production issue and was rectified using placement stickers."

Once more, No Man's Sky multiplayer has been largely shot down. The confusion is understandable, but perhaps Hello Games will cater to the chaos and bring out a future patch that will allow players to interact and play together.

Overall, No Man's Sky is doing quite well. The number of players online at once continues to surprise even creator Sean Murray, who jokingly is asking that players to choose among themselves who will log out and give servers a break. If the number of tweets and reviews are any indication, exploration has yet to even scratch the surface of all that the game has to offer.

No Man's Sky is currently out for PlayStation 4 and PC. There's been no confirmation that the game will see a release on Xbox One, but the developers at Hello Games suggest that it isn't outside the realm of possibility.

What's your experience with No Man's Sky? Do you feel that the game should include multiplayer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Hello Games]