‘Celebrity Big Brother’ News: Renee Graziano Rages After Disrespect From Stephen Bear, As Aubrey O’Day Strategizes To Send Bear’s Crew Home

It all kicked off on Thursday night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother 18, as Mob Wives star Renee Graziano became enraged at the level of nastiness and disrespect sent her way by U.K. reality star Stephen Bear and his motley crew. Renee was not the only houseguest fed up with the antics of Bear and his group, as singer Aubrey O'Day garnered the support of a majority of her fellow cast members in a plan to send them packing.

In actuality, Bear's bunch is made up of two showmances: Bear and webcam model Chloe Khan, along with reality star Lewis Bloor and his Big Brother girlfriend, Marnie Simpson.

The four have caused more havoc in the Celebrity Big Brother house than all of the other houseguests combined, with Bear fueling the mayhem.This week, Renee is up for eviction, placed on the chopping block via Bear's nomination. On the most recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother 18, during a shopping task, she won her safety back and was given the ability to nominate another houseguest in her place.
The fighting began when Renee chose Chloe, Bear's showmance partner, to nominate for eviction in her stead. Bear, as he cuddled Chloe on the living room sofa where all the houseguests gathered for the announcement, immediately told Renee she chose Chloe because Renee wanted him and he rejected her.Renee laughed hysterically at this notion, along with several other cast members who find Bear objectionable.

Later that evening, during a festive house party, everyone seemed to be cordial to one another and getting along quite nicely. Bear decided to dampen the mood and created disruption once again, yelling out, "Cheers for nominating Chloe, and thank you Renee!"

Somewhat subdued, Renee said, "You just don't seem to get it. We're having a party. All I have asked is for you not to speak to me, not to put my name in your mouth. Leave me the [expletive] alone. Let's have a good time."

Bear couldn't leave well enough alone and then said, "Cheers for whoever put Chloe up, thank you. I really appreciate it..."

At this point, in what Heat World called a "vile rant," Renee could no longer hold in her rage and shouted, "You're a [expletive]. If you're trying to be positive, shut the [expletive] up."

Bear retorted by noting he was just mentioning Chloe is now at risk for eviction.

Renee replied that no once cares and reminded Bear, "You put me up yesterday… Bear get over yourself… You're ignorant and childish." Renee continued, "You can do whatever you want to anybody else but nobody can do it to you, or maybe to her. You're a cruel individual, you're ignorant, you're immature, you're selfish, you're self-centered, and you're worth [expletive] nothing."
Bear aggravated Renee even further by saying in the beginning of the Celebrity Big Brother game, she "fancied" him. Renee noted, she thought he was "cute" and had "beautiful eyes," which she proclaimed was no big deal.

Renee then forbade Bear from speaking to her and said "Done." Bear repeated, "Done," but just couldn't seem to help himself and started going on about Chloe once again, saying she's "a poor sweet girl" who's an "easy target."

This comment almost caused Renee to fall from her chair, as she screamed, "Poor sweet girl! Don't play that [expletive] innocent victim game with me. I don't play victim here. We're all survivors, so guess what? It's time for me to survive. I have been nice and polite for the last three days with you! I am done!"
As she lay in bed a few hours later, Renee talked with several of her housemates about Chloe's out-in-the-open sexual jaunts with Bear and blatant nudity around the house. Renee said Chloe's daughter should "be embarrassed because that's what she's going to see," and Bear's "mother should be humiliated that's her son."
Aubrey, also done with Bear and his Big Brother buddies, hatched a plan to make sure one of them is evicted each week.It should be noted that in the U.K. version of Big Brother, Celebrity or otherwise, houseguests are prohibited from talking about nominations at any time, even after they take place. Nonetheless, Aubrey was fed up with Bear and his mates and devised a plan to send them packing.
Aubrey spoke about Bear, his group, and what needs to be done to several other cast mates as they sat in the backyard lounge area, stating:
This isn't going to change and this isn't a game… we have to take control over this house… Okay? No more being scared… every week, they need to be on the [expletive] chopping block, and every week the audience will decide. If it's all of them on the chopping block, the audience will have to take one of them down. If the audience is younger and keeping them in, then we give them no option, we keep having to make them pick. If we can dismantle it a tiny little bit, it would be better than nothing."
A majority of the houseguests agreed with Aubrey's strategy. However, it was noted in the show the American singer would be punished for speaking about nominations, which is to be part of Friday night's episode.Telly Mix, however, reported the punishment involved Big Brother revealing to the rest of the house what Aubrey discussed and then, for the entire afternoon, made her sit in a cage in the backyard deemed the Big Brother jail.

[Image via Channel 5]