Turkish Divers Save Drowning Blow Up Doll From The Black Sea

Turkish Divers Rescue Blow Up Doll

Turkish divers recently rescued a blow-up doll from the dangerous waters of the Black Sea after residents mistook the sex toy for a real human being. According to Reuters, authorities wasted no time responding to the distress calls. Fortunately for all involved, nobody was hurt during the operation. No word yet if the blow-up doll is still in working order.

After pulling the blow-up doll back onto the beach, authorities reportedly deflated the toy before chucking it into the trash. Presently, local police have no idea where the inflatable pleasure doll came from, and they aren’t expecting its owner to show up anytime soon to explain the situation.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time a blow-up doll has popped up in the news over the past few months. At the Leeds Festival last August, rap group Odd Future wowed audiences with their ability to violently destroy a sex toy during their set. Audiences were dazzled as the blow-up doll named Kimberly was assaulted and tossed into the audience by Left Brain, one of group’s members.

“You body slammed that b—. Is she OK?” Tyler the Creator asked his cohort. After the blow-up doll was returned to the stage by a considerate fan, Kimberly was attacked yet again.

In a less sexual, more marketable context, blow-up dolls are currently being used by the Applebee’s restaurant chain in a web marketing campaign, according to BostInno. In the clip, which is currently available on YouTube, a blow-up doll is used as a “lunch decoy” while an irresponsible employee rushes off to the eatery when he or she should be doing their job. Then again, if your boss can’t tell the difference between you and an inflatable sex toy, some serious issues probably need to be addressed.

All joking aside, at least the rescue of a blow-up doll from the Black Sea didn’t result in the death of any actual human beings. If nothing else, at least the incident proves that Turkish rescue teams get the job done no matter what.