'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Who Won HOH On August 11?

Big Brother 18 spoilers from late Thursday night reveal who won the HOH on August 11. The BB18 house played a second Head of Household competition on August 11, with it taking place a few hours after the "live" episode on CBS. A report from fan site Joker's Updates stated who won the HOH, with the first sighting actually appearing on the After Dark episode.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, two houseguests got evicted on the Thursday night episode of the show. During the first eviction vote, Zakiyah Everette was sent to her one-on-one meeting with host Julie Chen. After Corey Brooks won the first HOH competition of the night, he nominated Bridgette Dunning and Michelle Meyer for eviction. Corey then won the Veto, choosing to keep his nominations the same. To close out the episode, the BB18 house voted to evict Bridgette.

These Big Brother 18 spoilers pick up after the West Coast viewing of the episode took place (10 p.m. PT). It was at that point that the CBS live feeds finally got turned back on, revealing that the HOH competition had already been played. It was there that some eagle-eyed viewers were able to see the HOH key around someone's neck. For the second consecutive week, Victor Arroyo has won the Head of Household competition, giving him the power to nominate two people for eviction again.

A lot of discussions have already taken place on the live feeds and it looks like the Week 8 nominations for eviction have already been chosen. While Victor hasn't submitted the names yet, and won't do so until some point on Friday (August 12), he already knows which two houseguests he is putting on the block. At the urging of Paul Abrahamian and Paulie Calafiore, Victor is going to nominate Michelle Meyer and Natalie Negrotti. This could certainly cause a lot of waves due to the showmance that Natalie has going with James Huling.

Though Victor Arroyo is acting like he doesn't even care about having the power again, taking control of the BB18 house for a second consecutive week is a really big deal. He can now work to get another houseguest evicted, while helping to protect himself by going with the suggestions of the house. Past Big Brother 18 spoilers pointed to Victor not playing the game well, but he has certainly taken advantage of his second opportunity in the house this summer. Now he might be one of the favorites to take home the $500,000 cash prize.

The plan for the week is to get Michelle Meyer evicted, making her yet another girl that the all-guys alliance has been able to pick off this season. While it seemed like it would be very difficult for the guys to make it to the end, they have slowly been able to ensure that a girl went home during each of the past few eviction ceremonies. That might happen again this week, with Nicole Franzel serving as the replacement nominee should Michelle or Natalie find a way to win the Veto competition. The other side of the BB18 house has simply been unwilling or unable to stop this freight train.

There is still a chance for Victor Arroyo to make a bold game move this week, and he might just do that if the right scenario presented itself. That could include targeting Paulie Calafiore through a backdoor strategy, which is something Victor has told Paul Abrahamian he would do if he won HOH again. Stay tuned fans, because the next installment of Big Brother 18 spoilers is going to be packed with excitement in Week 8.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]