iOS 9.3.4 Update: iPhone 6s, iPad Update Is Available And This Is What You Need To Know

For iPhone 6S users as well as iPad owners, the new iOS 9.3.4 update has started to make its way onto your systems with attempts by Apple to automatically install the update. But what is included in the iOS 9.3.4 update, and should you allow the automatic update to download now or try to wait for another time? It depends on what features you are about. Here's a feature of the iOS 9.3.4 update for iPhone 6S and iPad users that is likely to drive installs over the coming days.

iOS 9.3.4 Improves Security

According to Gotta Be Mobile, the new iOS 9.3.4 update for iPhone 6S comes with security updates that you may need.
"The iOS 9.3.4 update comes with a single security update that plugs up the exploit used by the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. If you aren't interested in jailbreaking your phone or tablet, this fix makes the iOS 9.3.4 update worth it.

"If you failed to make the move to Apple's iOS 9.3.3 update, you'll also get iOS 9.3.3's security patches with iOS 9.3.4."

While the improved security is likely to entice iPhone 6S users and others to update to the iOS 9.3.4 operating system, others could be scared from installing the latest iPhone update. Here is why:

Installing iOS 9.3.4 Will Un-Jailbreak Your iPhone 6S

You read that right: the iOS 9.3.4 update will not just prevent future jailbreaks, but remove your iPhone's current jailbreak if you go through with the update.

If you are happy with all the features of the iPhone 6S or other iOS devices, such as the iPad, then you probably will not be upset by this change. On the other hand, most people jailbreak devices because they are not completely satisfied with what iPhone 6S or other devices may offer.

iOS 9.3.4 Update: iPhone 6s, iPad Update Is Available And This Is What You Need To Know
The new iOS 9.3.4 update does come with so-called "security updates" which many have said is simply a way to shut down jailbreaks. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

According to Forbes, the latest iOS 9.3.4 update is the first by Apple with the express purpose of shutting down jailbreaks.

"...I believe this may be the first time Apple has updated iOS solely for this purpose and it shows how focused the company is only stamping down on an activity it used to begrudgingly tolerate for many years," Forbes reported.

No New Features?

According to Neurogadget, the update is just as Forbes described: an update intended to stop jailbreaking and nothing else. They even went so far as to describe exactly what new features the iOS 9.3.4 update provides the user:

"In its description, you can see that 9.3.4 is in fact about a very important security update and that Apple recommends it to all their users," the site reports. "However, there is nothing more to it, no performance improvements, no refinements or new features, nothing."

iOS 9.3.4 Update: iPhone 6s, iPad Update Is Available And This Is What You Need To Know
The iOS 9.3.4 update targets iPhone 6S and iPad users who have jailbroken their iPhone devices. (Photo by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images)

So if you are not receiving anything new out of the iOS 9.3.4 update on iPhone 6S and iPad, why should you upgrade? If you have no plans to jailbreak, should you even waste your time? We do not have an answer for that, but we know there is another option for those who regretted doing the update.

Downgrade to iOS 9.3.3. or iOS 9.3.2

That is right. You can downgrade your device (at least on iPad), according to Gotta Be Mobile. But you cannot think too long about it.
"If iOS 9.3.4 fails to impress you, know that you aren't stuck. You can drop back down to a previous version of iOS 9.

"Apple is signing off on iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 which means you can take advantage of a loophole and drop back down to one of the older versions of iOS 9.3. This option will only be available for a few more days so you'll need to move fast."

With the lack of new features, will you update to iOS 9.3.4 for your iPhone 6S or iPad?

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]