Chuck Norris’ Name Won’t Appear On Slovakian Bridge

Chuck Norris Slovakian Bridge

Chuck Norris’ name has been rejected by Slovakian officials as the name of a bridge near the capital city, according to Gulf News. When an internet campaign to find a name for the aforementioned structure was launched, it’s doubtful that those in charge had anticipated the number of votes the popular American action star would receive. Although thousands of people voted for Chuck Norris, officials chose to veto the name despite its overwhelming popularity.

The bridge, which spans the border between Slovakia and Austria, has been officially dubbed the “Freedom Cycling-Bridge” to honor those individuals who lost their lives trying to escape from eastern Europe during the days of communism. It’s hard to get mad at the Bratislava regional assembly for selecting this name over Chuck Norris when the title actually has historical significance.

“We have unanimously voted for the Freedom Cycling-Bridge. It truly is a place where people were running for freedom through barbed wire, it is a place where many have died, so this is a dignified way to honor these people,” Regional chairman Pavol Freso explained to Reuters.

According to the AFP, the decision to veto Chuck Norris’ name didn’t fall on Slovakian shoulders alone. Austrian officials reportedly felt that using the actor’s name was “too flippant” for such an important area. In respect of the region’s history, the name “Freedom Cycling Bridge” was selected, instead.

Chuck Norris, who recently starred in the big screen action extravaganza The Expendables 2, is apparently a pretty popular guy in Europe. In 2006, his name was in the running for a bridge in Hungary, though he didn’t win that one, either.

Although the 80s action star isn’t enjoying the popularity that comes with having your name plastered across a bridge in Slovakia, at least he still has his recent “1,000 days of darkness” video to keep tongues wagging. In the clip, Chuck Norris warns everyone that the country “may be lost forever if we don’t change the course our country is taking.”