Woman Drives With Her Feet -- So She Can Text While Driving The Schuylkill Expressway [Video]

There is a video going viral because of the brazen actions seen by the woman in the video. Not only does the unnamed woman appear to be texting while driving in the video, but she appears to use her foot in order to steer her car down the Schuylkill Expressway.

As seen on the 6ABC Action News Facebook page, the viral video shows that another car was able to get video of the woman driving with her foot down the Schuylkill Expressway, which is a popular expressway that traverses Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Instead of a momentary glance, it appears that the woman focuses a lot of her attention on her phone, while assuming it's safe enough to drive with one foot.

While many people might find it comfortable to pop their shoes off on long drives and even prop their left leg up on the seat or near the air conditioning vent or out the window whilst driving, it isn't often that someone is spotted driving with their feet while texting at the same time.

As such, Sarah and Shawn Delong decided to pull out their own phone in order to record the reckless driver. They were able to capture nearly a minute-long video of the driver using her foot to steer and her eyes to focus on her phone instead of the busy Schuylkill Expressway.

[Image via Shutterstock]With their video now having gone viral, it's likely that either the woman might change her driving-with-feet-and-texting ways -- or perhaps the authorities will catch up with her. Sarah reported that she and her husband were not able to convince the woman that driving with her foot while texting was a dangerous action. However, they were able to get the woman's license plate information and pass it along to state police. Authorities must catch a person in action performing such a feat -- and it's not known if the video will suffice.
"Someone is going to get killed, that's why I was so mad. You see people on their phones all the time, but that took the cake. For a good 20 minutes, we were in her vicinity, whether it was beside her or behind her. At one point, we beeped at her and I yelled, 'Get off your phone!' And she looked and smirked at me and went right back to doing whatever it was on her phone."
Shawn noted the unusual activities of the woman they caught on video. Whereas people will often multi-task while driving by adding activities like talking on the phone, eating, or texting to their driving duties, it's not often that they use their feet to drive while texting. Especially on a busy highway.
"I've seen people reading and writing with their documents, but not driving with your feet. To see her on 76 and then going down towards Center City, that I couldn't believe."
According to Sarah and Shawn, the woman wasn't very proficient at driving with her feet. The couple reported seeing the woman swerving, according to their interview on WPVI-TV, on Wednesday evening.

driving with foot
[Image via Shutterstock[Apparently, the woman wasn't the only one who has been caught driving with her feet in order to use her hands to text. As seen in the below video, a man drove with his feet as he used his hands for his smartphone.
It isn't known why these distracted drivers didn't use the voice-to-text feature found on many smartphones, which allows a person to speak into their phones instead of needing both hands to type. Whereas such a feature can be just as dangerous -- due to the talk-to-text feature oftentimes misinterpreting the speech -- it might be a hair safer than driving with one's feet.

Other videos of folks driving with their foot on the wheel, such as the below video, have received attention online.

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