Danielle And Barbara Woolley: Mom, Grandma Who Imprisoned 4 Kids In Feces-Filled Horror Home Learn Their Fates

Mom-of-four Danielle Woolley, along with her mother-in-law, Barbara Woolley, were busted last year in one of the most shocking and horrifying incidents of child neglect that the cops in Clinton, Indiana, who took them into custody, had ever seen. Now, the 32-year-old mom has learned her sentence for her unthinkable abuse of her own children — and the 53-year-old grandma was set to face a judge this week to learn how she would spend the rest of her life, according to a WTHI TV News report.

Danielle Woolley was sent to prison for a maximum 64-year bid at a hearing in late July, after a judge in Vermillion County described what he called the "brutal, callous lifelong torture" of the four children by their own mom — and her whole family, according to a WIBQ News report.

Woolley's husband, John Paul Woolley, also 32, and the children's 57-year-old grandfather, Gordon Woolley, were also arrested last year in the extreme neglect case.

A 29-year-old special-needs adult, reportedly the child of Gordon and Barbara Woolley, and brother of John Paul Woolley, also lived in the horrifying home.

All of the kids were diagnosed with severe malnutrition after police removed them from the home. The kids were later placed in foster care, after being treated in an Indianapolis hospital for the effects of the Woolleys' negelct.

The arrests came last October in Clinton when police there, acting on information that children were possibly being subjected to abuse in the Woolley home, found the three boys and a girl, ranging in age from 2- to 8-years-old, in conditions that left the investigators stunned — and disgusted.

The darkened home — with boarded-up windows and a prominent "no trespassing" sign in the yard — was overrun with raw sewage, garbage, and even feces, both human and animal.

WTHI TV News published photos of the interior of the Woolley home, where the bizarre family had lived for about two years and which authorities described as a "house from hell."

A full gallery of those stomach-turning photographs can be viewed by clicking on this link.

The 8-year-old child reportedly suffered from autism. Danielle Woolley admitted to police that she locked the boy in a room for hours on end, letting him out only occasionally.

Investigators also found locks on other bedroom doors — locks that could be opened only from the outside. The four kids all lacked the ability to speak any language, and communicated in gibberish. The Woolleys claimed that the children were home schooled, but according to WTHI, investigators were unable to find any materials that would be used in a home schooling program.

In fact, the kids had never been to school, or apparently received any medical care, ever. None were properly toilet trained and they were all infested with fleas and lice.

One neighbor who spoke to WTHI said that the Woolley family was so secretive that she did not even know that their children existed.

"I've lived in this neighborhood for 10 years," said the neighbor. "I never really talked to the people. They kept to themselves, and were not very friendly people. Had no clue there were children inside the house. There were never any toys or kids playing in the yard. If I had a clue it would have been called on a long-time ago."

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Grandma Barbara Woolley had originally entered a not guilty plea, and requested a change of venue out of Vermillion County for what was to be an August trial. But on July 20, she switched her plea to guilty on four counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury. She was scheduled for sentencing on August 11. Danielle Woolley and the other two family members arrested had all previously changed their pleas to guilty, leaving the grandma as the final holdout.

[Featured Photos via Vermillion County Jail]