Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry Cheer On Team GB, Olympics 2016

Though Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton won't be in Rio to support Team GB 2016, but they are glued to their sets, and cheering on the GB 2016 athletes in Rio. Prince Harry put together a video of the pride he feels for Team GB Rio, and sends best regards from the royal family and all of Great Britain. Prince William and Kate Middleton were seen reacting to the amazing athletes on Olympic Team GB 2016, and they say they are big fans like the rest of the United Kingdom. Representing the royal family is Prince Charles' sister Princess Anne, who is an avid equestrienne and was photographed with Team GB 2016, teasing tennis player and flag bearer Andy Murray for covering her with the flag.

Kate Middleton in particular is very active in U.K. causes, like being the Huffington Post editor for the day to promote mental health screening in children in the U.K. Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry have represented the royal family at a variety of events, and on travel junkets around the world, including a recent trip to India to recreate the photo of Princess Diana at the Taj Mahal.

Though Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton won't be cheering on Team GB 2016 Rio in person, they reflected on attending the London Olympics 2012 London, and the pride they felt, cheering on the British athletes on their home turf. Kate Middleton and Prince Harry remember the sense of pride being the host and watching Team GB excel.

"London 2012 showcased the best of British sport," continuing, "We are so excited to see what can be achieved in Rio." And Harry wraps up the clip, stating, "Our athletes are an inspiration to us all, and need the whole country to get behind them and cheer them on as they take to the world stage."

Though the royal three will be cheering on all of Team GB 2016, they are excited for some of the country's favorites Jessica Ennis-Hill, Mo Farah, Louis Smith, and Tom Daley to be on that medal stand.

"Bring on the great!" is the rallying cry from the three royals to team GB 2016, who want to remind all British athletes that they are in Rio representing all of Great Britain, young and old. And Prince Harry wants to remind team GB 2016 that in doing their best, they make their country proud.
"Each member of Team GB will have a unique journey, but they all share the same aim – to deliver the best performance they possibly can."
But perhaps the most amusing story to come out of the Rio Olympics 2016 about team GB was a supposed sighting of Kate Middleton in Rio. And according to the people who swear they saw her, she wasn't in the crowd, but she was cycling for Team France! But a bit of research proved that it was obviously not Kate Middleton cycling for France, but an athlete named Pauline Ferrand-Prevot, who seems to be a doppelganger of the Princess.

Ferrand-Prevot is ten years younger than Princess Kate, but their facial features, dimples and all, are alarmingly similar. Sure the French cyclist has some blonde highlights, but how hard would it be for the royal to pull off? If cycling doesn't pan out for France's Ferrand-Prevot, she might just have a career as a double for Princess Kate.

But it doesn't sound like the 24-year-old Ferrand-Prevot is dropping cycling any time soon, as she's the first person ever in the history of cycling to "hold the World Road title, World Cyclo-Cross title and World Mountain Bike title at the same time."

Are you cheering for any of the Team GB 2016 athletes in Rio? Go Team GB Rio!

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