Charlie Sheen: Feds After Guy Who Prevented Him From Committing Suicide

Charlie Sheen's womanizing ways have made headlines over the years. Just last year when he revealed to the world that he was HIV positive, many were in shock, but not surprised, given his highly publicized lifestyle. Speaking to Playboy in 2012, Charlie Sheen said that he liked the company of prostitutes because parts of it were nourishing. The following was his exact statement, according to Celebuzz.

"I'm not saying I'll never be with a prostitute again. But it's hard. Parts of it are soulless and parts of it are nourishing. It's always a roll of the dice."
At the time, he had just been dropped from Two and a Half Men due to his inability to perform as expected. According to Jon Cryer's revelation, Charlie Sheen had reached a point where he could no longer remember lines. His drug addiction problem and personal issues affecting him at the time were said to have contributed to this. The following was his statement as reported by TV Guide.
"When he returned for Season 8 [after leaving rehab] in 2010, it was clear that Sheen was not well. In addition to looking "gaunt" and "sallow," his acting began to suffer. After a few more months of this, the studio had had enough. In January 2011, Sheen was told that he was going to meet with Warner Bros. bosses Bruce Rosenblum and Peter Roth after that week's Friday taping.

"Sheen didn't take the news well and began "to get manic" backstage. "Things didn't start smoothly once the show began."

Following his HIV revelation, critics such as Burt Reynolds judged him harshly, publicly stating that he deserved it. This was Burt's exact statement in regard to this, according to the Mirror.
"I don't have any pity for the boy [Charlie Sheen]. He's been in trouble a lot and seems to revel in the women he's bedded, I didn't like that at all. How can you feel good about yourself when you've got yourself into this mess? My heart goes out to his father, Martin Sheen, whom I love very much. He's a dear friend. We worked together – he's a terrific actor and a terrific guy. This must be just tearing him apart."
But during his interview with Today, Charlie Sheen described his experience as a chance to better himself as well as help others. In a recently published book House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge by Lenny Dykstra, one of those people who used to party with him after his dismissal from Two and a Half Men, Charlie had at one time attempted to commit suicide in light of the HIV positive diagnosis.
Charlie Sheen apparently locked himself up in his bedroom for over a week just doing crack. In his book, Lenny describes how he helped prevent Charlie Sheen from committing suicide. You can check out details of the story by the Inquisitr here.

Although his memoir is a good read, Lenny is presently in trouble for allegedly committing bankruptcy fraud. According to TMZ, he owes the government more than $150,000 in restitution from a 2012 bankruptcy fraud criminal case and now his publisher is supposedly being forced to hand over all proceeds Lenny gets from the book. Lenny, who is currently a gigolo, recently revealed on the Howard Stern Show that apart from having great skills as an athlete, he also has a talent in pleasing women.

A former New York Mets player, he stated that he had sex before games, and that hygiene was usually his main concern. He apparently used a tongue depressor to make sure that the women he was having sexual relations with were clean.

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