Jhene Aiko And Dot da Genius Divorce After Big Sean Kiss

Jhene Aiko has had it with producer husband Dot da Genius and she's "pulling the plug" according to TMZ. Aiko and Dot's marriage didn't last very long, and was interrupted only a few months into it by a make-out session that Aiko had with hip hop artist Big Sean. That makes the timing of Jhene's divorce announcement even more "interesting." Aiko and Sean were "working together" when they got really into it and treated an Anaheim concert crowd to some hot kissing.

Jhene and Sean together have something that fans are loving, and Twitter is heating up over the possible couple. Tweets about how pretty Jhene is and how incredibly hot the two are when they are together are beginning to trend as Dot da Genius slips out of Jhene's life.
Some people are already sending messages to Aiko and her kissing partner to get married because of the sexy way they look at each other.
Details are still scarce on Aiko's plans for the future, and how she will handle the divorce from Dot, but the divorce itself is more than a rumor. Hip Hop news and gossip site Hot New Hip Hop points out that there was so much confusion about Jhene and Dot's relationship to begin with that it's hard to know what actually happened to make Jhene file for divorce from Dot.
For a long time, no one was completely sure if da Genius and Aiko were even married at all. In March, rumors were flying around that they'd had a secret wedding, but that soon fizzled out and fans decided they probably weren't married "after all." Somewhere "in between," Jhene and Big Sean got together professionally to form TWENTY88, and that team-up totally fueled the speculation that they were the couple rather than Aiko and Dot.
Confused much?

As part of their joint musical venture, Sean and Jhene posed for cover shots for Flaunt magazine. When they both "insisted they were single" in the course of interviews for the cover story, fans started hoping that the super hot duo would hook up romantically as well as musically. As for da Genius, Jhene's claim of singlehood led most followers to assume "at that point that Dot was done."

Now there's no question that Dot da Genius' time with Jhene is over, and they also must have been officially married or Jhene wouldn't have to go through all that nasty divorce paperwork.

Gossip Blog LoveBScott threw some shade at Jhene and Sean, accusing them of "carrying on" with each other, which totally made it obvious that Jhene and Dot weren't getting along so well.

"The way Jhene's been carrying on with Big Sean, we ALL saw this coming."
It's not even certain that Jhene and Big Sean are a thing. Their kissing and the sizzling heat between them could be just part of the promo for TWENTY88. Whether or not Aiko's divorce is because of her relationship with Big Sean, he's sure to take the blame on social media.
Aiko cited "irreconcilable differences" in the divorce files, and she reportedly doesn't want Dot da Genius to get a cent from her. She's requested that the judge will "deny Dot any spousal support." Something bad must have gone down between those two in the 11 short months they were married. Whatever it was, the internet is going to break from all the rumors and questions flying around.
What do you think? Is Aiko's divorce from Dot happening because she's hooked up with Big Sean now, or is there something more to the story?

Check back here for updates on the Jhenke-Dot-Big Sean triangle.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Flaunt Magazine]