Christina Grimmie's First Music Video Released Posthumously

Christina Grimmie charmed fans and viewers of The Voice with her natural gift. Sadly, Grimmie's life was cut short, when she was murdered at a fan meet and greet after her concert in Orlando. Her tragic death affected her family and the fans that loved her in the early days from when she was a YouTube star.

Sadly, what should be a personal milestone to celebrate, is coming posthumously for Christina Grimmie, as her family has decided to release her first music video.

Her EP, called Side A, features four original tracks and multiple music videos. According to E!, one of those videos is appropriately titled "Snow White" and has the lyrics: "Some day my prince will come for me, save me from this harm that haunts me. When will I be free? Tell me some day he will come for me."

The music video, which is described as a short film, is called the "Ballad of Jessica Blue."
"The story follows a young girl's journey into self-discovery through her love life, her womanhood and her music."
In addition to "Snow White" the other videos are titled "Anybody's You," "Deception," and "Without Him."

Now that Grimmie's company has released the first video, they intend to release the other three before September 1.

Once the first music video was released, fans of Christina Grimmie had an emotional reaction to seeing her again and hearing her voice.

Prior to the video's release, a statement was published on Grimmie's Twitter about its arrival.
"Christina shot these videos back in February with about six hours of choreography and four days of filming before she left for the 'WildFire' tour. Everyone worked so hard on this project putting in extra long days on set to ensure we got the best quality project we could for the minimal budget we had."
As the Inquisitr reported, recently fans were upset that Christina Grimmie wasn't honored at the Teen Choice Awards, despite the fact that she won an award. Additionally, Grimmie wasn't mentioned during a segment on gun violence, although the Teen Choice Awards did use her image to promote the award show in the weeks prior to its airing.

The gun violence segment featured Ne-Yo, Jessica Alba, and 10 families who were affected by gun violence. The families were from the tragic shootings in San Bernardino, Newton, and Orlando. The Orlando shooting at PULSE nightclub happened just days after Christina Grimmie's death.

As for Grimmie's award, she won Choice Web Star in the music category, but her award wasn't mentioned. Instead it was confirmed in a press release that was published by Fox.

Although she didn't receive a tribute of any kind by the Teen Choice Awards, some famous acts in the industry did honor her memory in the wake of her passing. Selena Gomez, whose step-father managed Christina Grimmie's career, honored the singer.

Gomez honored her friend Christina during her tour, with moments of silence for Grimmie on many stops. Justin Bieber, who knew Grimmie through his dating Selena, also held a moment of silence for Grimmie as well.

[Photo by Chris LaChall/Camden Courier-Post via AP, Pool]