Hugh Jackman On Instagram As Old Wolverine Worries Fans

Shocked fans of Hugh Jackman are reacting to Instagram photos that make it appear as if Jackman has aged significantly. Posted on his Instagram, Hugh Jackman seems to be at a fish fry with a gray beard and thinning hair. Fans posted about severe weight loss, and perhaps that Jackman was ill. Others supposed that Jackman was wearing makeup, but that didn't seem likely. A better guess would be that Hugh Jackman is in the midst of shooting a movie, and fans are finally getting a glimpse at Jackman as old Wolverine.

In truth, Hugh Jackman is aging very well, but perhaps male actors are starting to feel the sting of being judged for simply aging. Last year, photos were everywhere of Liam Neeson, just after his 63rd birthday, walking around, but fans commented on his weight, pallor, and gray hair. Perhaps fans believe that off set, actors look just as they appear on screen, but that isn't true of men or women. Regardless of fan concerns, both Hugh Jackman and Liam Neeson look great for their age.

Hugh Jackman is one of the most popular celebs on Instagram, with over seven million followers, and many had comments on Jackman's appearance in his latest Instagram posts. Jackman, 47, takes pride in his appearance, and Jackman's Instagram followers took note that Jackman seemed to have aged suddenly. The photo on Instagram shows Hugh Jackman likely with his take from a recent fishing trip, but Jackman is also officially back to work, once again playing Wolverine for the next chapter of the series. Jackman could just be stirring up interest, and not mentioning his aged appearance as the elephant in the room, and instead, talking fish.
"Now that's what I'm talking about!"
Hugh Jackman's third Wolverine film doesn't yet have a title, but Jackman is officially on-board shooting the latest Marvel episode, which is based on Old Man Logan.
But even though Instagram Hugh Jackman gets hundreds of thousands of likes on any photos he posts, Jackman's Instagram followers couldn't help but express concern for Jackman's aged appearance. Jackman's Instagram followers commented on the seemingly sudden change in his appearance.
"Wow, looks like you've lost loads of weight :(."

"His eyes. looks like he hasn't slept well or he's sick take care Mr Jackman."

But others smelled something in the photo other than the fish Jackman caught, and new it must be Wolverine related.
"I hope that is make up and even if its not they grow up so fast."

"That's the old man Logan beard... Looks like the comic come to life!!! I'm really gonna miss your take on wolverine."

A comment was also made that Hugh Jackman is 47, and fans should allow him to age, as if 47 was the gateway to being a senior citizen.
The Aussie Press was even worse, commenting "What's up with Hugh Jackman's face?" But most of Jackman's fans were afraid that Hugh was having some sort of health crisis, and just after Jackman posted on Instagram, fans reached out.
"What happened to you Hugh? You are looking much older than your age … please take care … not looking healthy at all … pls."

"Are you feeling well? Prays and positive thoughts your way just in case. Cheers."

But luckily, there were Hugh Jackman fans that served as the voice of reason, and made it clear that it was Jackman's Wolverine, not a sick Hugh Jackman.
"He is playing old man Logan so he is likely wearing extra makeup to look older since he is playing an older Wolverine."

"Don't worry. That's just a "Makeup" for Wolverine 3 movie."

The as yet untitled Wolverine 3 movie takes place in the future, reportedly with a violent Western vibe, and fans will finally see Hugh Jackman as a worn, aged, Wolverine.

What are your thoughts on Hugh Jackman's aged Instagram appearance?

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]