Jules Wainstein Divorce Drama: Police Called After A Fight, Michael Wainstein Calls The ‘RHONY’ Star An ‘Erratic Mess’

Jules Wainstein’s divorce from Michael Wainstein continues to heat up.

While the couple battles out their divorce agreement in court, Jules was forced to call the police after a nasty argument. How will the recent fight affect the divorce settlement?

According to TMZ, police arrived at the Real Housewives of New York star’s home to find that Michael had already left. No arrests were made, and it still isn’t clear why Jules felt the need to call the cops.

Us Magazine is reporting that Jules made the call in the morning after some kind of altercation with Michael.

Did Jules feel physically threatened by Michael?

Jules and Michael announced their divorce last month after eight years together. Both parties have made allegations about why they needed to split.

Jules claims that her husband cheated on her, while Michael is adamant that Jules has become a “drama queen” and can’t control her emotions.

Despite the breakup and subsequent drama, Jules and Michael are still living together in the same house.

At the same time, this is not the first instance where the authorities have gotten involved with Jules and her estranged husband.

Jules Wainstein's marriage was obviously strained this season on the 'RHONY.' [Image via Bravo]

Michael’s lawyer, Mark Heller, revealed that police are used to being called that they are now extremely cautious about the situation.

To make the situation even more complicated, Heller claims that Jules often makes things up to make Michael look bad in the eyes of the law.

“Throughout the tenure of this controversial matrimonial, Michael has expressed that Jules is repeatedly and inappropriately calling the police to their home and making false claims about his conduct,” Heller explained. “And it has gotten to the point where they have indicated to him that if she continues that conduct, they are going to bring charges against her for filing false reports and for wasting the time of these police officers.”

Of course, Jules’ rep says that the reality star has not falsified police reports and she is “not interested in fighting this out in the media as this is a private matter and two children are involved.”

Although Jules Wainstein has been fairly quiet about the breakup, she did tell Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she and Michael still live together.

“I can say that’s true,” she told Cohen. “Yes, I can [also] confirm that we are getting divorced.”

Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein on 'WWHL.' [Image via Bravo]

Meanwhile, a close friend of Michael recently told Page Six that Jules “went insane” before her latest police call.

“She started screaming, ‘I will get you out of this house!’ As he was walking out the door with their son, she screamed, ‘You hit me!'” the source revealed.

That being said, one of Jules’ friends also told the outlet a very different story.

“That did not happen. He ran out naked in front of his son and daughter. He did something s***ty in front of their son,” the friend shared. “The lawyers are well aware. She’s at court getting a restraining order.”

While fans are left to wonder which version of the story is true, Jules’ friend revealed that everything will be brought to light in the coming weeks.

“[Michael’s] story [of the 911 call] is being recalled incorrectly. It will all come out in a couple of weeks,” the source said.

Jules and Michael are scheduled to make a court appearance on Sept. 8 to work out the details of their divorce.

It isn’t clear if the couple has already come to a custody agreement and whether or not the police calls will impact the settlement.

Fans can watch Jules when new episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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