Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Shade Justin Bieber After He Ditches Them For Team Kanye West

Justin Bieber, are you listening? Your former girlfriend Selena Gomez and her best friend Taylor Swift have a message for you: Don't mess with Team Telena (Taylor + Selena). Both Gomez and Swift have thrown shade at the Biebs after he initially sided with them and then ditched them to join Team Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the ongoing epic feud.

Selena was quick to rush to social media to defend her best friend, and Justin initially shared similar support. But then, despite his repeated posting of throwback photos showing his continued affection for Gomez, Bieber abruptly betrayed them with an Instagram post that made it clear he had changed teams, pointed out the Daily Beast.

In the Instagram post, Kanye could be seen involved in a conversation with the Biebs, who succeeded in taunting the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer in a four-word caption.
"Taylor swift what up"
The turncoat action was particularly painful for Selena, who was hit by a backlash from those accusing her of not using her social media platform to discuss important topics such as "Black Lives Matter." Gomez had initially defended her best friend by urging everyone to focus on key social problems... before getting blasted for not doing so herself.

Justin Bieber plays with a youthful fan as Selena Gomez observes.
Justin Bieber plays with a youthful fan as Selena Gomez observes. [Photo by Jason Redmond/AP Images]

Selena Turns To Twitter

"There are more important things to talk about…Why can't people use their voice for something that f*****g matters?" asked Gomez in her Twitter message. "Truth is last thing we need right now is hate, in any form…This industry is so disappointing yet the most influential smh."

Bieber initially posted an almost identical message about avoiding hate.

"More love. Less hate."
But now that he's gone from preaching love to promoting ridicule, Justin is facing the wrath of both Taylor and Selena. And for Swift, throwing shade at the Biebs is an ongoing hobby that she prefers to practice privately, an insider told Hollywood Life.

Swift To Bieber: Beware Karma

Justin's shift to Team Kanye has only added to her ongoing feud with the "Sorry" singer, shared the source.

"Another day with Justin not liking Taylor and the feeling is more than mutual," a source tells us. "Taylor has always seen Justin as a jerk and whatever he does just adds to her feelings about him."

Selena Gomez cheers for her friend Taylor Siwft.
Selena Gomez cheers for her friend Taylor Siwft. [Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]But her views don't stop there when it comes to dissing Selena's former boyfriend. The insider also revealed that Swift believes that what goes around comes around, even if you're the Biebs.
"[Taylor] feels that karma will get to [Justin] soon."
And while Swift is throwing shade at Bieber only within the privacy of her inner circle, her best friend Selena is becoming increasingly candid in dissing her ex. Gomez recently described what she wants in her future boyfriends, smoothly shading the Biebs by describing a man who is his exact opposite, pointed out Cosmopolitan.

Farewell Jelena

In a summation of her dream date, Gomez signaled that Jelena (Justin + Selena) was over by eliminating singers from the description.

"I'd be so stoked with a writer or producer or actor who is low-key," emphasized Gomez.

Translated: Skinny-dipping in public, as Bieber just did, and turning to Instagram to shade Taylor, are actions that disqualify the "Sorry" singer.

But don't feel sorry for Justin. As the Inquisitr reported, Bieber has created a girlfriends version of Musical Chairs since his split from Selena, from hooking up with Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian to skinny-dipping with hot model Sahara Ray.

And for Gomez, there is hope as well. Her rumored former boyfriend Samuel Krost just confirmed their secret romance by crafting an open letter on social media, noted Elle.

One of Gigi Hadid's pals, Samuel was seen with Selena on several occasions, but Gomez kept insisting she was single. He shared an Instagram message this week, which he subsequently deleted, expressing his affection while attacking those who were trolling her.

"Selena is a real girl with a real heart and real feelings," he wrote. "All you superficial who are just unhappy with your love lives, understand that love is real. Although we have ventured on separate paths, at least I know that love exists. I love you, Sel."

[Photo by Jason Redmond/AP Images]