‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Getting A 3D Four-Disc Blu-Ray

There has been a reawakening in the force.

When Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens launched on Blu-ray on April 1 of this year, fans hopped in their Millennium Falcons and jumped to light speed to get to the nearest Target as quick as possible. With their copies of the Blu-ray secure in hand, they charted back home to prepare for nights of intrigue, mystery, grandness, and, of course, really cool lightsaber action. Since then, there have been whispers of a 3D Blu-ray of The Force Awakens, but it might have been the tricks of the Dagobah forest. Well, it seems Disney has officially confirmed the existence of the 3D Blu-ray, and it’s set to release this fall.

This new Blu-ray is a 3D Collector’s Edition, containing four discs: the new 3D Blu-ray, the original Blu-ray from April of this year, the Digital HD download code that was packaged with the initial run of Blu-rays back in April, the original DVD that launched a few days after the Blu-ray (April 5), and the original bonus content. Additionally, this collector’s edition will feature new bonus content, “including additional deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes conversations with cast and crew, and revealing, never-before released audio commentary by director J.J. Abrams.”

The release date of this collector’s edition is dependent on location. So those who are on the Death Star will probably get it early (if they haven’t gotten it already) and those that are on Alderaan will never get it (sorry). For example, those in the U.S. and Canada will receive it on November 15, but those in France, Holland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom will receive it on October 31.

The full list of features stuffed into the 3D Blu-ray Collector’s Edition are as follows (directly from the official blog of the Star Wars website).

  • Audio Commentary with J.J. AbramsEnter the mind of visionary director J.J. Abrams as he reveals the creative and complex choices made while developing the first film in the new Star Wars trilogy.
  • Foley: A Sonic TaleFoley artists, consisting of old pros and new talent, unite to bring the world of Star Wars: The Force Awakens alive through the matching of sound to action.
  • Sounds of the ResistanceHear how the epic sound design of Star Wars: The Force Awakens moves the Star Wars legacy forward.
  • Deleted ScenesView never-before-shared scenes that didn’t make the film’s final cut.
  • Dressing the GalaxyCostume designer Michael Kaplan reveals how the costumes of the original Star Wars movies were re-envisioned for a new generation.
  • The Scavenger and the Stormtrooper: A Conversation with Daisy Ridley and John BoyegaThe two new stars share the thrill of working together on the adventure of a lifetime and becoming part of the Star Wars legacy.
  • Inside the ArmoryTake a fascinating tour through the design and creation of the weaponry in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Classic Bonus Features These offerings from the April release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens include the complete story behind the making of the film, an unforgettable cast table read, insights from legendary composer John Williams, and deleted scenes, as well as features that dig deeper into the creation of new characters such as BB-8, the design of the climactic lightsaber battle between Rey and Kylo Ren, the film’s remarkable digital artistry, and the Star Wars: Force for Change global aid initiative.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on a price, so you’ll have to walk into the shops on Jakku to figure out how much it will cost. Be wary of Storm Troopers and Rebels though: they’re all over the place. Everything in this collector’s edition is largely the same, aside from the new packaging, the 3D Blu-ray, and the bonus scenes (which are only bundled with the 3D Blu-ray collector’s edition). Will you re-buy Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens for the additionally content?

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney]