Kate Middleton Pregnant? Prince William Allegedly Unhappy With Duchess

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have been circulating. The duke and duchess are allegedly expecting a third child in December, reported Gamenguide.

While the pregnant Kate Middleton will stay at home and take care of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Prince William will be traveling to Germany at the end of the month. Many fans of the duke and duchess have begun to speculate if the royal couple is in trouble. Middleton’s lack of accompaniment with her husband to Germany has caused fans of Prince William and Kate Middleton to raise their eyebrows. Prince William, who has a future in being the king of England, needs to visit Germany as a part of his royal duties.

Although a Kate Middleton pregnancy might be occurring sooner than we have thought, the duke still needs to head to work. Kensington Palace tweeted that Prince William would be heading to Germany to attend a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the North Rhine-Westphalia.

Prince William is allegedly unhappy with his pregnant wife, Kate Middleton. According to Tec Plz, the duke really wanted Middleton to take the trip with him to Germany. Still, the duchess chose not to go. Fans of the royal couple have been speculating that Kate Middleton was unable to take the trip since she’s allegedly expecting.

While a Kate Middleton pregnancy hasn’t been confirmed yet, there have been too many rumors that point to the possibility of the duchess expecting. Some nameless sources have confirmed that Middleton was forbidden by the Kensington Palace to take the trip to Germany with Prince William. In the meanwhile, Prince William reportedly wants his wife to stay away from any potential danger or harm while pregnant.

Many find it worrisome that the duke is going on a trip without the duchess. Supporters and fans of the royal couple want answers as to why the prince is going stag to Germany. Middleton and Prince William have yet to comment on these rumors.

Kate Middleton has been pregnant for about five months, Tec Plz claims. While the website has made the claim that Middleton will be expecting her third child in December, the duke and duchess have yet to confirm these rumors. However, fans of Middleton and Prince William have noticed the duchess’ growing baby bump over the past few months.

Whether Middleton is giving birth or not, the duchess allegedly has a tendency to miss a lot of royal events, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. Not only is Kate Middleton unable to attend the 70th-anniversary celebration of the North Rhine-Westphalia, where Prince William will be giving a speech, but she will be missing another important event in Germany.

The pregnant Kate Middleton will be missing the opportunity to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Celeb Dirty Laundry made the argument that the duchess should probably meet Merkel before William becomes king in the near future. Still, the duchess is probably resting up for her big trip to Canada with her husband later in the fall.

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have been circulating for quite some time. Back in July, the media was beginning to question whether or not the duchess was excepting a third child. Headline and Global News had speculated that Middleton was pregnant since the royal was holding a clutch over her stomach the entity of her time at Battle of the Somme vigil in July. Kate Middleton also wore a large Missoni coat, which had a zigzag pattern on it. Fans of the duchess took note that her fashion choice in the coat was bulkier than her usual taste.

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