Former ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli Believes Hillary Clinton’s Health Issue May Be Parkinson’s Disease

Theories are everywhere about what is wrong with Hillary Clinton. Many of the Democratic nominee’s adversaries have been critiquing every move the presidential hopeful makes, suspicious that Clinton’s health may not be as solid as she’d like everyone to believe.

Former “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli offered up his own idea up what might be wrong with Clinton during a Periscope session on Wednesday. He thinks the former first lady might be suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Lately, it seems everyone wants to be a conspiracy theorist, and one of the most talked about theories has been what is wrong with Hillary Clinton. During recent appearances, the presidential hopeful has been seen making some questionable facial expressions, and some have even commented on her mannerisms and movement.

It’s no secret that Clinton has to have help when moving up and down flights of stairs. Plenty of pictures have been taken during multiple appearances where men have flanked Hillary’s sides and visibly helped her move up and down steps.

Martin Shkreli, who has zero degrees in medicine, thinks that he knows what Hillary Clinton’s health issues might be. According to SBS, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals threw his own theory out there during a recent Periscope session. It sounds like he’s given Hillary’s recent behavior a lot of thought, because Shkreli went on for two and a half hours about his ideas in what he called a “Hillary Clinton @hillaryclinton health press conference.”

Shkreli’s recent claims that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s are not new. The Daily Beast reports that Shkreli’s theory was previously reported by renowned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who helped to create the idea that something is wrong with Hillary’s health.

Last week, Jones released a YouTube video detailing the many health conditions that Clinton is believed to be suffering from. They range anywhere from syphilis, brain damage, or a tumor all the way up to dementia and Parkinson’s.

In his defense, Alex Jones claims that he put together his theory based on interviews with medical professionals who also have studied Clinton’s recent behaviors and compared them to those who suffer the range of symptoms that she is said to have displayed.

The problem with the most recent ideas about what may be wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health and Alex Jones’ involvement in outing the presidential hopeful is that his most “medical” source has been Martin Shkreli. The issue is that despite Shkreli’s former position as a pharmaceutical company CEO, he doesn’t have a medical degree. Not even close. Shkreli earned a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baruch College.

While Martin Shkreli’s lack of medical training prevents him from making an educated assumption about Hillary Clinton’s health, it doesn’t mean that nothing is wrong. It is common during presidential elections that the Republican and Democrat nominees release their medical history as part of their campaign. To date, Clinton hasn’t released actual records but has released a statement from her doctor that guarantees she is in good health.

Alex Jones, Martin Shkreli, and many others have questioned what is wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health in recent months, and so far, no one from the Clinton camp is even responding to the numerous rumors and theories.

So far, the only known health issues that she has faced in recent years include a broken elbow and a mild concussion. As for any on-going or degenerative diseases, nothing regarding Hillary Clinton’s health has been proven yet.

Do you think Martin Shkreli is reaching with his non-medical Parkinson’s disease diagnosis or is there really something wrong with Clinton? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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