Amanda Stanton Says Nick Viall Wasn't Into Her During 'Bachelor In Paradise' Date: Here's What Viewers Didn't See

Amanda Stanton didn't find love on the Bachelor, but she is having much better luck on ABC's summer reality series, Bachelor in Paradise. Despite being one of the most sought-after girls in Paradise, the 27-year-old single mom is on the receiving end of some very hateful comments from the fans, who are angry that she ditched Nick Viall for Josh Murray.

Amanda is now speaking out about her on-screen and off-screen relationship with Nick in an effort to clear up what viewers didn't get to see on Monday night's show. Not only is Amanda setting the record straight about Nick, but she also leaked a spoiler that all but confirms that Nick had his heart set on another contestant long before filming started in June. Fans will soon find out that Viall wasn't as upset as he appeared to be when Josh arrived in Paradise and swept Amanda off her feet.

Read on to find out about the relationship Amanda had with Nick before filming Bachelor in Paradise; who Nick had his heart set on meeting in Paradise, and how Amanda is dealing with her online haters.

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

On Wednesday, Amanda addressed the Nick Viall vs. Josh Murray situation on her personal blog, aptly named the Amanda Stanton Blog. While she didn't go so far as to blame producers for editing out the truth, she did say that there were some "important details" that were left out of the episode.

Amanda explained that she met with Nick "a few times" before filming Bachelor in Paradise and admits that she had a "big crush" on him. However, she didn't expect him to ask him on a date when they started filming the show because Nick had previously revealed that he was interested in getting to know Jen Saviano (Ben's season) who will arrive on Week 3 (August 15).

"[Nick] had told me he was considering going because he was interested in getting to know Jen Saviano... He had also told the twins and Jubilee the same thing…that he was interested in Jen. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a big BIG crush on Nick going into Paradise…but I knew how interested he was in Jen so I figured he was uninterested in me!"
Not only did Amanda reveal that she was totally surprised when Nick asked her on a date, but she stated that the date didn't go as well as it appeared to viewers. Amanda thinks that there were "no sparks" on the date because Nick was holding out for Jen to come on the show.
"One thing that stood out to me was that he would hold my hand or kiss me," Amanda revealed on her blog. "But as soon as the cameras were off he would stop or let go of my hand. I almost felt like he was holding back because he knew he was waiting for Jen to arrive and didn't want to lead me on."

According to Amanda, Nick told her after the rose ceremony that he was "very excited for Jen to arrive" and was "clear as day" that he was going to date other people in Paradise.

This is why Amanda "didn't hesitate" to go on a date with Josh when he arrived on Week 2. Although several fans tweeted that she was inconsiderate of Nick, it's obvious that the producers left out some major conversations between Amanda and Nick.

What Amanda has to say about Nick's interest in Jen Saviano all but confirms Reality Steve's spoilers this season. For fans who were expecting Nick to continue sulking over Josh stealing Amanda away from him, it's now clear that producers made a big deal about Josh "stealing" Amanda from Nick just for the ratings.

Spoilers point to Nick and Jen connecting shortly after she arrives in Paradise on Week 3 (August 15). According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, they are rumored to be one of the five couples who make it to the Bachelor in Paradise season finale.

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