UFOs And Aliens From Other Dimensions Are Visiting Earth, Declassified FBI Document Says

According to a report circulating in the conspiracy theory blogosphere, a bizarre top-secret FBI document written in 1947 by a special agent with the rank of lieutenant colonel reveals the agency admitting that Earth is being visited by UFOs and aliens from other planets as well as from other dimensions or parallel universes.

UFO hunters say that the revelation that the FBI has shown interest in the study of UFO phenomena is not surprising. Despite widespread skepticism about aliens and UFOs among the uninformed masses and dissimulation by government that it does not take UFO phenomena seriously, the authorities are aware that evidence from the mass of UFO sightings proves that aliens and UFOs are real.

The declassified FBI document from the FBI's The Vault page (see copy below) was reportedly released to the public in 2011. The document claims bizarrely that not all UFOs and alien visitors to Earth are extraterrestrial beings from other planets in our universe but that most are, in fact, inter-dimensional.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the report proved that scientists have known for years that Earth is being visited by extraterrestrial beings from other planets as well as from other dimensions and parallel universes.

According to conspiracy theory speculation, the decision to build CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was informed by the need to search for the inter-dimensional worlds where the alleged inter-dimensional UFOs and aliens visiting Earth were believed to be coming from.

The FBI agent, whose name was redacted from the declassified document, reportedly for "security reasons," had spent many years investigating UFO phenomena and had gathered extensive data on the subject of UFOs that he attempted to summarize in his official report.

According to the report author, most of the extraterrestrial beings and UFOs visiting Earth originate from parallel universes that "interpenetrate" with ours. The alien beings pass through inter-dimensional portals and appear or "materialize" on our planet. They are able to enter and exit our dimension through portals opened from their dimension.

This explains why many alien contactees describe alien entities as "translucent figures," "demons," or "spirit beings," according to the report.

FBI report on alien visitors
Part of the FBI report on inter-dimensional alien visitors to Earth [Image via FBI Records: the Vault]
FBI report on aliens and UFOs
FBI report from 1947 talked about inter-dimensional UFOs and aliens allegedly visiting Earth [Image via FBI Records; The Vault]The weird report went on to say that most of the UFOs -- including flying saucers, orbs, and triangle UFOs -- that visit Earth from other dimensions have alien crews, but some are remote-controlled drones.

Inter-dimensional alien UFO crafts, according to the report, are made from a special kind of heat-resistant metal or alloy unknown to human science and technology.

The UFOs are divided into several sections, including a bridge with the console where alien crews control their mysterious crafts. The middle section of the UFOs contains laboratories where alien scientists conduct experiments and examinations of abducted humans. The UFO armaments are located in the rear section of the UFOs, according to the report.

Alien visitors approach Earth
Aliens are visitors from other dimensions, according to FBI document [image via Shutterstock]Alien craft armaments are powerful energy weapons that shoot deadly rays. The advanced ray guns can disintegrate attacking man-made crafts or entire buildings in an instant.

The fact that most of the alien UFO crafts visiting Earth come from other dimensions or higher planes of existence explains why many UFOs appear to be otherworldly -- "not of this world" -- and sighting experiences are often similar to hallucination or illusory perceptions.

Many witnesses describe UFOs as pulsing, morphing and shape-shifting because most UFOS are crafts from higher dimensions that exhibit otherworldly qualities when they enter Earth's atmosphere, according to the report.

Some UFOs are described by witnesses as appearing to have mysterious energy fields surrounding them and do not appear to witnesses as being "quite real."

There is no evidence that the alleged extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional alien visitors to Earth are hostile or that they have hostile military takeover intentions.

Most UFO and alien visitations appear to be peaceful. This has led many UFO researchers to suggest that many UFO crafts visiting Earth may, in fact, be run by alien tour operators.

According to the Inquisitr in a February report, some UFO researchers claim that the dramatic increase in UFO sighting reports from around the world could be evidence of a booming Earth tourism industry of extraterrestrial origin and that most UFOs sighted moving stealthily in our skies could be run by alien tour operators conducting curious ET clients on guided Earth "safari" tours.

Other conspiracy theorists speculate that some aliens come to Earth on exploratory visits with a plan to immigrate permanently to our plane of existence.

Most of the extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings are human-like in appearance although they are generally larger than humans.

UFO conspiracy theorists claim that the declassified FBI document corroborates the widely held belief among UFO researchers that science fiction movies are based on information about aliens and UFOs leaked deliberately by government intelligence agencies as part of a secret plan to prepare the masses for future disclosure.

Alien conspiracy theorists believe that the similarity between known alien species, such as the Grays, and aliens in early sci-fi movies was due to the fact that many of the early alien movies were based on facts about real events released clandestinely to movie-makers by government intelligence agencies.

The "leaks" by government agencies were allegedly part of effort to subliminally implant awareness and knowledge of aliens and UFOs in the general population so as to lessen the shock when inevitable disclosure comes.

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