Rihanna Tired Of Being Played By Drake: Couple Split Again Amid Engagement Rumors?

Is Rihanna being played by Drake again?

Just one week after the “Work” singer made a surprise appearance at the rapper’s OVO festival, Hollywood Life alleges that the Bajan beauty has yet to see the 29-year-old prove his love for her and is convinced that their on-again-off-again romance is just turning into another hookup.

Rihanna and Drake have enjoyed their friends with benefits romance for seven years, but reports have claimed that Rih-Rih is looking for more — particularly from Drake, who she has openly admitted to having the closest relationship with out of all the men she’s dated in the past, SheKnows adds.

In February, it was revealed that Drake wanted to reconcile with Rihanna, under the impression that he was finally ready to dedicate himself to a full-on relationship before blaming his hectic work schedule behind the reason why the two had to split up again.

Sources say that while the couple continues to remain friends with benefits, Rihanna wants to know where she stands with the “Fire & Desire” hitmaker. Realizing that she’s not getting any younger, the 28-year-old has reportedly asked herself how long she’ll continue playing games with Drake, who has once again proven himself to be anything but ready to settle down.

According to Hollywood Life, “If it ain’t Rihanna, it will be another girl.”

The outlet continues by stressing that Rihanna has somewhat being accustomed to the idea of being just another woman Drake is hooking up with, despite the fact that she sees herself being more than that.

“She’s cool on Drake in an intimate setting. He’s proven to her time and time again that she’s replaceable and that’s cool. She’s got love for Drake but he’s made his bed several times and has proven to her he’s not ready for anything serious.”

In April, it was claimed that Drake had halted relationship plans with Rihanna since she was heading out on her “Anti World Tour” while the rapper was finalizing his album ahead of his own North American tour alongside his good pal, Future.

Scheduling has reportedly been one of the main reasons why Drake and Rihanna have never fully committed themselves to one another, as much as the “Kiss It Better” singer wants to make it happen.

With that said, news of Drake and Rihanna hitting yet another rough patch in their off-again-of-again romance comes just weeks after Chris Brown reportedly became jealous of his ex-girlfriend’s decision to reconcile with the Canadian hitmaker.

Last month, it was rumored that Rihanna even wanted to marry Drake, which sources said left Chris feeling unamused and upset, convinced that he would one day get back with his ex-girlfriend, who he hasn’t been romantically linked to in three years.

As Rihanna’s “Anti World Tour” nears its final shows, fans are wondering whether she’ll be willing to give her romance with Drake another shot. After all, ever since the birth of her niece, Rihanna has been gushing about how much she is wanting to become a mother, with clear plans to settle down and get married in the near future.

Can you see Rihanna get married and have children? Better yet, can you see her settling down with Drake in the near future? For the fact that they’ve been dating one another for seven years, shouldn’t there eventually come a point where the next step is to be made?

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