‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: As Double Eviction Looms, Natalie Finds Her Voice Giving Zakiyah Info About Paulie, Zakiyah Responds With Betrayal [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 live feeds Wednesday night allowed viewers to eavesdrop on a sensitive conversation between Natalie and Zakiyah about Paulie that left Zakiyah bewildered. Although she seemed heartbroken by what she heard about her Big Brother boyfriend, shortly thereafter, Zakiyah ran to Paulie and divulged all Natalie had said.

Zakiyah is currently on the chopping block this week as an eviction nominee, and a double eviction is slated to take place tonight, on August 11. Zakiyah’s act of betraying Natalie may have been her way of attempting to show Paulie and his crew that she’s loyal and should be kept in the game, but may have been driven by pure emotion, as well.

Over the past few days, Natalie has come into her own, finding a voice that seemed to get lost in her childlike, bubbly demeanor. She has expressed to her Big Brother 18 showmance partner James she’s tired of Paulie running the game and wants to open Zakiyah’s eyes to things he’s been doing and saying behind her back.

Joker’s Updates reports that around 6:25 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Natalie told Zakiyah that Paulie has “crossed the line” with her by being overly flirtatious and has said unkind things about Zakiyah.

According to Joker’s Updates, Natalie stated Paulie has said many things to her privately, including he believes Zakiyah is too jealous. Natalie added Paulie orchestrated Zakiyah’s eviction nomination by current Head of Household (HOH) Victor, and noted he tells other houseguests he doesn’t care that much about Zakiyah.

At one point, Natalie noted Paulie won the Power of Veto (POV) this week, but did not use it to save Zakiyah.

As Natalie continued to give Zakiyah this information, she cried, but thanked Natalie, saying she needed to hear the truth about Paulie. She told Natalie, “I hate him. I hate him,” noting, “I thought he was a good one,” Joker’s Updates reports.

Zakiyah also asked Natalie if Nicole ever made derogatory comments about her, and Natalie told her Nicole only said Zakiyah is a jealous person, according to Joker’s Updates.

Big Brother Network reports Natalie further said Nicole was the only female that ran back to the men in the house and told them Natalie revealed she wanted a girl to win the entire game.

As Zakiyah’s tears flowed, Natalie tried to console her saying things like every female in the Big Brother 18 house thinks she’s perfect inside and out, according to Big Brother Updates.

According to BB Truth, Natalie hugged Zakiyah, telling her she loves and cares about her as a person.

Natalie continued to apologize to Zakiyah for having to give her this unsettling news, and reminded her to play the game with her brain and not her heart, Joker’s Updates reports.

The two women parted and Zakiyah roamed the Big Brother 18 house tearful and appearing lost in thought. Eventually, she encountered Nicole, who defended Paulie to Zakiyah, saying Natalie is a “schemer.” Zakiyah went on to tell Nicole about her conversation with Natalie.

Not long after, Paulie learned Zakiyah was crying and got wind that she’d spoken to Natalie. He planned to confront Natalie, but Zakiyah told him she doesn’t believe a thing Natalie told her.

At the same time, Paulie attempted to turn things around on Natalie, saying she flirts with him because she’s a “typical Jersey girl…,” Joker’s Updates reports. Zakiyah went on to tell Paulie all that was said by Natalie, asking, “Are you mad that I told you all this.” He responded in typical Paulie fashion, saying, “No… why would I care?”

At around 10:31 p.m., Zakiyah revealed to Natalie that she’d told Paulie about what was said to obtain “his reaction,” asking if what she did was alright. Joker’s Updates reports Natalie simply shrugged and expressed she wanted Paulie to stop slandering her.

Paulie was fuming most of the evening, and at around 9:50 p.m., he confronted Natalie and her showmance partner James, shouting Natalie’s game move made her look ridiculous, but in less kind words.

Joker’s Updates reports that another confrontation that was not entirely captured on live feeds, took place between Natalie and Paulie in which he called her as fake as her breast implants. Natalie relayed the conversation to Michelle, who found Paulie’s words offensive.

Up until this week, Paulie was calling the shots and making game moves to advance his chances at taking home the Big Brother 18 grand prize. As of Thursday, Paulie’s days as king of the castle may be numbered, as houseguests conspire to make a big move and upset his plan to evict Michelle and instead send Zakiyah packing.

Nothing is set in stone regarding evictions, as much can change during a typical day in the Big Brother 18 house, but one thing is for sure, if Natalie wins HOH during the double eviction, Paulie is at tremendous risk of seeing his game swiftly come to an end.

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